Blitzwolf: Beyond Technology and Money


BlitzWolf is a young brand in the market that was born in 2015. It aims to offer consumers innovative and flexible technology. The price associated with the quality of the product determines its growth and success.
The price is not the lowest, but the quality of the product is quite good. So if you’re looking for a charger, USB cable, smart socket, bluetooth speaker or cassette recorder, check out the Blitzwolf range.

Everyone’s charging, everyone’s working flawlessly, everyone’s got bad cables, and everyone’s confused by the new technology. Blitzwolf accepted these concerns and looked for reliable, simple technology that would last a long time.


Now their range has expanded to include not only charging, but also home and computer robotics. They are constantly developing new solutions for smart lifestyles and working to keep you going while your device is powered.

Blitzwolf strives to be a value market. They balance features, performance, and price to create something that looks and looks brilliant. They are not so complicated to communicate or glamorously packaged, but reduce costs and avoid losses through careful selection of the products to be developed.

Is Blitzwolf a Chinese brand?

Blitzwolf is a Chinese brand that started with a distribution warehouse in the United States and now spans almost the world. You have expanded our sales through Amazon to the United States, European Union, and Japan. They also have international distributors and partners around the world. Banggood, your premier international distributor, ships directly to your home from our factory in China.

Who Owns Blitzwolf?

Blitzwolf is owned by Tong De He Company Limited, which was incorporated as a private limited company in Hong Kong on January 14, 2009.

Is Blitzwolf a Good Brand?

Your device is pretty good. More than 1 million people enjoy our accessories and charge their devices with our chargers and cables. Stay fresh by staying on the cutting edge of technology and keep striving to be the first brand to offer the latest charging technology. Developing great technology is only half the story. While maintaining high standards and outstanding support, they strive to attract lifelong customers who enjoy their products and who spread the BlitzWolf name.



Chinese brands are really trying. We really like the price-performance ratio and that’s why you’ll see their products more often on our website. They have built a strong market position and their main partner Banggood handles worldwide shipping. Banggood is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

Blitzwolf:  Beyond Technology and Money
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Blitzwolf: Beyond Technology and Money
Blitzwolf is a famous brand that is taking the digital manufacturing space by a storm. There are FAQ that people all over the world have been asking and in this article we are going to be answering those questions.

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