BlitzWolf BW-ANC3 Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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Blitzwolf is a notable brand that makes different audio items. Personally, I have been utilizing numerous Blitzwolf audio items, and I need to say they are the best Bluetooth earbuds with regards to the price-over-performance ratio. As of late, I got its most recent true wireless earbuds ‘ Blitzwolf BW-ANC3 ‘ for review which was released on April 29th. Read on as I show you fascinating things about this accessories.


The Design and Build

The main thing you notice when you get the BW-ANC3 earbuds you are struck by how little the charging case is – it’s one of the smallest I’ve seen and that implies it will find a way into the pocket of even the tightest pants easily. The ABS, PC and Leather materials utilized in charging case give the earpods a top notch look and feel, and once more, for the price, there isn’t a great deal you would be left asking for. Assuming you don’t’ fancy a basic black color you likewise have a blue color alternative.

Inside the charging case of the wireless Bluetooth earbuds, you’ll track down the two BW-ANC3 earbuds which are connected magnetically. The magnets on the Blitzwolf BW-ANC3 are a lot more solid. This is really something worth being thankful for. Not exclusively are the earbuds held down more safely, however it likewise makes it simpler to discover the placeholder when you need to put the earbuds back.


The actual headphones are little and are made out of plastic. The drawn out plastic towards the silicone tip on the headphones is significantly shorter which permits a more natural position inside the ear. By and large, the Blitzwolf BW-ANC3 is entirely comfortable to wear contrasted with the majority of the other true wireless earbuds, in a similar price range.

Connectivity and Use

Interestingly, the Blitzwolf BW-ANC3 support Bluetooth 5.0, which gives stable transmission and offer low power utilization. In view of the most recent Bluetooth innovation, the earbuds possesses automatic paring ability and bilateral calls support. In this way, whenever you have associated it with your smartphone, there will be no compelling reason to connect it back again, it will be automatically connected when it is out of the case.

It allows both Binaural and Monaural paring, so you can utilize just a single earbud also.


The setting of the BW-ANC3 Bluetooth earphone is basic and pretty just as most wireless earbuds today. Simply turn on your telephone Bluetooth and take them out earbuds from their case, and they automatically turns on and will likewise connect with your smartphone in practically no time. Furthermore, when you’re finished utilizing them, you can just put these back into their case, this will power off and begin charging.

Battery Life

The best thing about earbuds is that you don’t need to stress a lot over the battery. Due the the fact that when you are not utilizing, it charges automatically in the storage box. Along these lines, when you open the box for next use, you get completely energized earbuds.

The charging case sports a 600mAh battery, which can without much of a stretch charge your earbuds at least 3 times. Also, the earbuds have a 45mAh battery every, which is adequate 6 hours of music playback or 5 hours of call. So generally, I didn’t discover anything amiss with battery performance.


Sound quality

The sound quality of the headphones is awesome for the price. The Blitzwolf BW-ANC3 Bluetooth earbuds offer an even stable sound. It sounds natural with a decent equilibrium of treble and bass. The bass sound has a decent measure of punch and in the long run eats up subtle details in the mid-range. With this, the Blitzwolf ensured these sound precisely like most clients will need them.


So in general, I can say the Blitzwolf BW-ANC3 offer really nice sound at this value range.

Product Advantages

1. Hybrid Active Noise Reduction
2. Transparent Mode
3. 6MICs, HD Calls
4. 10mm Dynamic Driver, Powerful Bass
5. Ergonomic Comfort


The BlitzWolf BW-ANC3’s are incredible value for money, truly simple to utilize, and very solid. In this way, in case you’re searching for moderate True Wireless earbuds with an incredibly steady Bluetooth 5.0 connection, purchase these earbuds undoubtedly.  This earbuds is only available on Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

BlitzWolf BW-ANC3 Bluetooth Earbuds Review
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BlitzWolf BW-ANC3 Bluetooth Earbuds Review
Whether you going on a trip, hiking or jogging, earbuds can be your best companion. It gives you the level of freedom a normal earpiece won't give you. There are so many earbuds being released year after year but in this article we are going to be reviewing the new BlitzWolf BW-ANC3 Bluetooth Earbuds.

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