How a Fill Light can Improve your Subject’s Quality


The type of lighting that you use in any style of videography or photography affects the final product. To give the best product, it is good to understand how the lights work and how the bw-sl7 fill light works. For example, when you use the key light which is also known as the light source, it will create a dark shadow on the side of the subject which it doesn’t lit up by the main light.

bw-sl1 Fill Light

How do I use a fill light?

So when you only use a key light, there will be a harsh shadow happening. Therefore, most people go for the oldest technique, maybe you have heard of the lighting called “three-point” lighting. This is a true-and-tried technique the key light {or the main light} a fill light, of course, and a backlight.

The mechanics of a three-point lighting setup

Having the three setup lighting, there will be even distribution of light. Generally, the rule is to set up the fill light opposite the main light. When you want to illuminate the subject with fill light on the opposite side that they are illuminating by the main light, you are filling the shadow on the side that the main light does not touch. You will want to place your filling light below your subject when you are using the opposite of the main light at midday to counter the harsh light that is coming above.

fill lights

Three-point lighting for beauty photography

On this hand, the main light is direct to the object. The lighting position gives consistency on the shadows of the face when pointing up the face, giving it a slimmer look and cheekbones. But when the main light is facing the object, the shadow will be seen coming from the other direction.

Step into the light

In both videography and photography, the bw-fill light plays a very important role in the final product and also the overall setup. This will create detail and depth on your subject. Otherwise, it could be even severe, harsh shadows or even dark. Having fill light gives more room to play in the shadow and a wider range of options.

Making a subject either your model or you will pop out well with the right tool following the right procedure. This is easy even the non-professional can do great content.

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