Amazfit T-Rex comprehensive view

Smart Watch

Hami has made its watch at a lower cost like the Amazit Bip which is the best smartwatches that have been tested. Now the company has paid attention to the GPS sports watches like the ultra-rugged Amazfit T-Rex. It has an in-built compass, on-board GPS, a large display, and enough durability certifications to survive Jurassic park. And like other smartwatches it offers sports mode, sleeping tracking, and battery life; all this is wrapped in its shell.

Amazfit T-Rex


It has a thick case of 44-millimeters which its exterior is emphasized by textures buttons, chunky guard pieces, and metal screw heads. It has four labeled buttons surrounding the watch case, one for the back, one for down, one for select, and the other for up. The bezel is covered in Gorilla Glass 3 and anti-finger coating and has a raised bumper to protect the screen. All this makes the watch bulky which some can consider it proking.


This is a screen that is bright and colorful enough to be seen in the sunlight. This makes the watch look expensive. The facing of the T-Rex is uninspiring which is not a bad thing. You can navigate by using physical buttons or swiping the screen in any direction.

Amazfit T rex

GPS, Fitness features, and sleep tracking

This watch is also a sports watch which is quite popular amongst the runners. It has a compass and a GPS, which will enable the rock climbers and the hikers not to lose their way because the watch will guide them. It has trail running, outdoor walking, swimming, skiing, indoor treadmill, cycling, and all exercises and sport mode are available to choose from. No matter how you choose, you will be able to see the distance, work duration, and speed.

Battery life

Amazfit has concluded that the T-Rex should last for about 20 days on a single charge. After testing, it lasted closer to 30days with limited GPS. When GPS is enabled, the battery is seeped faster for zapping, late spring hikes about 10 percent per hour. The instinct should last up to 14days with the GPS turned on, battery life is 16hours, but you can extend that to up to 40hrs to turn off the GPS to save battery power.

Our verdict

When you consider everything with this watch, you will definitely see why it is so popular among many young people. It is completely worth it.

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