Amazfit GTR Review: Smartwatch of the Decade

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In the event that massive and effectively recognizable smartwatches aren’t your style, you should look at Amazfit GTR by Huami. Its rich plan stands apart among the standard tech-situated watches which may not be some tea.

GTR is one of a few ongoing smartwatches delivers by Huami which gives great wearable tech at a generally moderate cost. You should look at the subtleties of their different deliveries to settle on the correct decision for your way of life: Amazfit Stratos 3, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit Nexo, Amazfit Verge Lite, and Amazfit BIP Lite.

Amazfit GTR

On the off chance that you want to coordinate your wearable tech to your character and style, the GTR has a ton to bring to the table. We’ve aggregated all you require to think about this smartwatch to help you settle on the right decision.

Appearance And Design

The Amazfit GTR comes in two size varieties, 47mm and 42mm. The watch body is produced using titanium for toughness while the microcrystalline zirconium artistic bezel gives the dial a more exquisite look.

The 47mm GTR has a standard version and a sparkle release made with shimmer cubic zirconia Austrian Crystals. It uses a 1.39″ AMOLED show with a goal of 456 x 456 pixels. The touch screen is produced using Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and has an enemy of unique mark covering. the consistently on element is absent in this form. Moreover, it accompanies a 22mm lash, which is produced using cowhide or fluororubber, contingent upon the adaptation.

The 42mm form has four tones: Starry Black, Cherry Blossom Pink, Moonlight White and Coral Red. It additionally has a sparkle release for a further refined look. Its 1.2″AMOLED showcase has a presentation goal of 390x390pixels. The tie changes in shading relying upon your decision, and is somewhat more slender at 20mm. This GTR has a consistently in plain view.

The two variations have a force button and a capacity button on the body. The force catch can be utilized to close the screen, re-visitation of the primary dial and shut down the gadget following a 10-second press. The capacity button permits you to set a brisk access capacity to redo the gadget as indicated by your necessities.

Amazfit GTR


As indicated by the producer, the 47mm smartwatch has a noteworthy battery life of 24 days in common use. In the event that you turn off the wellness following highlights, its life can be stretched out to 74 days as a fundamental watch. The 42mm rendition is less parsimonious on force – run of the mill use will allow you 12 days while fundamental watch mode stretches out to 34 days.

Both smartwatches can be completely energized in around two hours and utilize a LiPo battery.


Beside looking like stylish wearable tech, GTR plans to furnish clients with the smartwatch usefulness, which comprises of:

Live Connection

From advising you about calls to setting up updates, the GTR will never allow you to miss an alarm. You can incorporate the smartwatch to give utility to raise your way of life. Get suggestions to move or set your own cautions for different assignments without depending on your telephone. You can see the majority of your notices from various applications on the gadget, limiting interruptions. There is no receiver, speaker or console so you’ll have to have your telephone to react to notices or calls.

Up To 12 Fitness Activity Modes

To assist you with understanding your wellness exercises, the Amazfit smartwatch has 12 particular modes.


Beside the actual games perspectives, the watch accompanies its restrictive BioTracker sensors which help dissect execution, pulse and rest. It alarms you on any inconsistencies and permits you to recalibrate your way of life likewise.

Music Playback

You can distantly control your music player with the GTR so you can get a continuous, sans hands listening experience. You can perform essential capacities like playing, stopping or skipping tracks, just as volume control, all from the touch screen.

In-built GPS Tracking

Regardless of whether you’re out on a run or need to assess your movement, the gadget’s GPS structure assists with get-together the information you’ll require. Having on-gadget usefulness considers a precise perusing while at the same time empowering better battery the executives.

Action Sync and App

All your followed information is conveniently introduced in a going with application with further examination to help you figure out your readings. It finishes the entire smartwatch experience by furnishing you with authentic records to comprehend your exhibition better. Moreover, it likewise permits you to tweak your watch faces and modify warnings as indicated by your own inclination.


Elegant secret plan

Adjustable watch faces

12 Activity modes including swim track

Pulse checking

Durable battery


GPS, rest, and pulse following can be somewhat erroneous

Restricted highlights accessible


The Amazfit GTR offers the usefulness of a games watch with the plan polish of customary watches. While there are a few constraints, it conveys on its fundamental reason and furnishes you with investigation you could use to improve your day by day life. All things considered, in case you’re searching for an undercover smartwatch without a significant part of the laces and heft of conventional wearable tech, the GTR is unquestionably worth looking at. At the Amazfit GTR is readily available for purchase.

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