The QCY T5 Review: The Ultimate Cheap Airpods-Alternative

Headphone & Earphone

We all know that earphones are an essential product to have, which is why investing in quality earphones is key. Just a few months ago, the Chinese brand QCY released a new pair of cheap wireless earbuds. This time, it’s a winner. Let’s dive right into them;



The QCY T5 earphones and a charging item received have a matte plastic and it is pleasant to the touch and does not get too slimy or glossy. Matters build quality, there are no complaints about the charging box, all the joints and connections are well made. On the outside, there is a touch control and a notification LED. On the inner side, there are two contacts for charging and the channel designation is left or right.

On the lower part, both earphones have a hole for the microphone, and also on the case, there is a soundhole. Also, the QCY T5 wireless earphones are protected against sweat and splashes by the IPX4 standard. Therefore, playing sports in light rain will not be a problem.


 Connection and Control

The new QCY T5 earphones have Bluetooth wireless connection with version 5.0. The first time you connect, you need to get the earphones out of the charging box, then go to the Bluetooth menu and connect to the necessary earphones.


In each bud of the QCY T5 earphones, a 40 mAh battery capacity is installed and a 380 mAh battery is present in the charging case. At maximum volume, you will get the perfect sound for about 4 hours. Through the charging box, you can recharge the headphones and get a total sound time of about 16 hours.



In terms of sound quality, the QCY T5 earphones have low frequencies which are well defined and have deep and surround sound. The bass is amazing with good and rich shade. The mid and high frequencies even at maximum volume perform without unnecessary creaks and noises. They are well-balanced and you will get good detail and clear sound


You will be also happy to get good battery life for about 4 hours as it is reliable and convenient especially from a relatively small battery capacity of 40 mAh. As for the convenience of wearing and comfort, the QCY T5 earphones are very ergonomic and you can walk in them for a long time and even forgetting that you have something in your ears.





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