Xiaomi Mi Box s Full Review


Android TV is an exceptional platform that is growing pretty well, but the thing is, consumer hardware is pretty difficult to find. Yes there are a few options in the market, but there are pretty expensive. If you are looking for a more affordable option, check out the Xiaomi Mi Box s. Here is what you need to know about it;

Xiaomi Mi Box s

Hardware overview and box contents

The best thing about the Mi Box s is that it has a smaller size than its competitor. It is painted black with an expectation of performing one thing which it will do it well. The painting is not glossy as the competitors, which means it will not pick scratches as quickly, which most people love.

There are tiny series of number details at the bottom and the Mi logo on top, among others, and no other screaming design that would make it more unique. It is compatible which means you can sneak it in one of your slots or behind your TV where you will not see it unless you want to. In the box, is the device itself a comfortable dark black remote, batteries for the remote {two AAAs}, an HDMI cable, a power cord, and some warranty materials.

Included Apps and Software Overview

The Mi Box has a few apps that have been installed for you like YouTube, Netflix, and another bunch of apps in the google app such as the google play, and if you want you can also add more based on your taste. The interface of the Android Tv stuff has allowed you to add apps to the home page for quick access where there is an app drawer button right at the top. But you cannot do much customization besides moving your apps in and out of the home page.

Performance and experience

The Mi Box has limited your apps and files to 8GB internal memory and has 2GB RAM. The package is powered by a Penta-core GPU and 2GHz quad-core processor which are the modern specifications. Opening apps in Mi apps is a smooth affair and they run fine, too and most of the tools they have never crashed.

These apps perform very well in most cases and they have pushed their pixels up to 1080. However, show max subjects a performance issue and freezes time to time which forces you to reboot.

Lastly, we have noticed the slipping performance that has been happening over time. But the apps still open very fast and the experience can be better bearing in mind that the entry-level webOS and Tizen TVs can perform better than this.

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