Haylou GT2 VS Haylou GT2s: The Similarities and the Differences

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Are you a music lover? If yes, then you must like TWS earbuds – Haylou is one of them. You see, there are two types Haylou earbuds in the market today, and consumers have been having a tough time deciding between them. In this article, we will compare Haylou GT2 and Haylou GT2s, to see the difference and comparisons between these two real wireless headphones.

Haylou GT2s
Haylou GT2s


The most significant difference is that the Haylou doesn’t have a charging port, it has a little chord with a USB-A connection built-in. Wherever you are, you can plug the Haylou charging case into all conventional USB-plugs to charge it. It saves you the stress of taking an extra cable everywhere you go.

In terms of wearing comfort, the Haylou GT2 and Haylou GT2S are almost the same. Because these two Haylou TWS earbuds are used in-ear design, and the use of anti-skid silicone earplugs, not only anti-skid, but also can fit the ear canal, long-term wear will not feel pain, very comfortable, and not easy to fall off.


Haylou GT2
Haylou GT2


For both Haylou GT2 and Haylou GT2S headphones, we will get the inbuilt Bluetooth 5.0 edition to ensure wireless connectivity all the time. This Bluetooth 5.0 works amazingly to connect your headphone with a variety of Bluetooth devices smoothly.

The Bluetooth connectivity on Haylou GT2 is decent. It has a strong connection up to 10 meters, and when walking, only a few minor dips may occur in areas most crowded with wireless signals. The earpieces pair and connect fast once you take them out of the case.

However, Unlike the Haylou GT1, the Haylou GT2 carries actual buttons you have to press. They’re near the top end of the earpieces, and they respond well to the touches.


The earpieces deliver 4 hours of playtime on a single charge, and the case can recharge them at least three times fully as they have 43mAh thus making it a plus for both devices.


In matters of sound quality, to ensure high-quality sound output, both the small earphones have

7.2mm high-sensitive speakers and polymer resin diaphragm. Similarly, both headphones install DSP noise reduction technology to add excellent bass and delicate music experience this is a definite plus.

As for call quality of the Haylou GT2 is mediocre. Indoors, noises like voices from your surroundings are overly emphasized for the other end of the line. Your voice will compete with the others around you. The same doesn’t apply for traffic passing you by outside, however. It makes calling with the GT2 outside easier than inside.


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