Ulefone Armor 7 Rugged Smartphone Review 



It is not a wonder; the Armor 7 stagnates to the trusted and tried classic 4 + 4 rugged smartphone template. It has four rubber verticals for protection and four long sides but as for the design perspective, there is not much evolution. Something that is noticeable is that at the back of there is a very smooth plastic plate than the usual rubber cover. The front-facing camera sits in the middle of the top bezel in the water drop set up. Apart from the battery status, there is no permanent capacitive system buttons to divide no light status light and opinions.

Ulefone Armor 7

Five LED flashlights, three camera sensors and the rear houses a speaker grill; if the phone hits the ground flat, it will take most of the shock because the cameras are protruded.

Lanyard notch

At every bottom of the device, there is a notch that is used to attach the bundled lanyard. Not sure how and why but it makes the device thicker.

Side buttons and fingerprint reader

With 166 x 81 x 13.55mm and a weight of 290g, the device is big without feeling it. On the right and the left edges, there is a customizable SOS button, a SIM tray, the power button, two others for controlling the volume, and a fingerprint reader.

USB-C port

On the bottom and top edges, there is a proximity sensor and type-C connector (be careful of lint and dust getting stuck there). The phone is compliant with IP69K/IP68 requirements and has been MIL-STD-810G which has been certified under the laboratory conditions. Due to the waterproof glue through the bi-injection process, it has held together with the assemblage of plastic, composite materials, and metal.

Performance and in use

We were very shocked when we picked the phone from its box and realized that the phone was already covered by a screen protector; though you are also given the option of removing it and decide to keep it. There is the children’s space that allows the user to usage time and tune access. In short, it is a weightily restricted virtual desktop.  Because the ulefone amor 7 is Mediatek-powered, it has Duraspeed that reduces and manages the apps running background and a smart lock that keep your device always unlocked only when you have it by which you recognize physical signals.

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