Xiaomi Mi Box S Review


The Xiaomi Mi Box S Review is the latest to enter the market that has a tough competition to go up against. The starter dominated the Apple TV and the new Apple TV 4K. The Nvidia Shield is probably the most powerful and most loved android TV streaming box that can only serve as a PLEX server, play 4K content and also stream games from networked PC.

Xiaomi Mi Box S
Design and setup
The box is square at around 3.5 x 3.5 inches or 10 x 10 cm. you will find the Xiaomi logo on the top and the back, there is the basic USB port, HDMI port, power port, and an audio port. The device in general though, decidedly, of course, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Setting up the Xiaomi Mi Box is very easy: the power port to an outlet, you just have to connect the HDMI port to your TV or receiver and you should be good. Fix the batteries in the remote to turn off your device and your TV and follow the on-screen prompts.
At the top, you will find the power button and still be found as a voice search button. That’s so helpful to Google assistance to control your TV and trigger home devices. Under that, there is a selection button, direction pad, back button, and apps button and a home button. All these are all easy to get used to it to anyone familiar with an android device and how to set it up with no trouble.
Apart from android TV 8.1 built into it, it also has supporting high resolution; this means you will be able to take advantage of a huge Android TV ecosystem of apps and services like the ability to mirror your Android phone, Google Assistant, Google Cast and many more. Android TV has obvious huge apps like YouTube, Netflix, but there are also lesser-known services that might be helpful like Google Assistant and a range of games.
The Mi Box S is so appeasing to any gamers because it is a decent streamer for apps like YouTube and Netflix which we found it good enough. The performance-intensive tasks may cause a struggle that you will expect at this price point. The remote also had a problem: it would turn the Mi Box on and also trigger the Google assistant either. But after resetting, it fixed the issue.

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