XIAOMI AIR 2 SE: The Sound Master

Headphone & Earphone


In case you don’t have the most significant budget, but you want the best wireless earphones with a half-in-ear design like the AirPods, this is it. The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE delivers comfort, engaging sound, and good call quality.

Xiaomi Air2 SE


Please leave it to Xiaomi to make products look beautiful and stylish. The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE charging case may not be tiny, but it does look smooth with its all-white, square design. The 410mAh case can recharge the earpieces four times fully, before needing power via its USB-C port itself. A single LED-light shows the battery status on the front of the case.

Open the sturdy lid, and you see the earbuds lying within. The Xiaomi Air 2 SE earpieces are half-in-ear and look exactly like the Apple AirPods, meaning you can ‘hang’ them in your ears. They stay in without having to push them into your ear canals. The stems are a tad bigger than the AirPods: they’re longer and thicker and feel slightly more substantial.

On account of the half-in-ear design, they are still incredibly comfortable – enough to wear them for a few hours. Indeed, 4,5 hours on a single charge, that is. From that point onward, the playtime is drained, and the earpieces need a recharge. It’s a revived score for this price.

Xiaomi Air2 SE


If you have a Xiaomi phone with the Xiaomi MIUI-interface, the Mi Air2 SE will show a pop-up saying the earphones are connected, and they show the battery life directly on the screen. If you don’t have such a Xiaomi phone, it’s still good to know the Air2 SE pairs and connects very fast.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection holds firm up to ten meters and also when strolling or cycling with them. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to effortlessly switch between mono and stereo mode. If you put one earpiece in the case, music playback will stop. It does automatically pause when you take an earpiece out of your ears – and resumes again when you put it back in.

The controls are constrained. You play and pause music with two taps on the right bud, and enact the voice assistant on your phone by double-tapping the left earpiece. That’s it.


The call quality of the gadget varies from good to excellent. Your voice sounds loud and clear. It gives your voice volume above most other sounds in phone calls and video calls. Especially darker environmental sounds, such as traffic, engines, and background noise, are significantly reduced.

Higher-pitched voices around you can come through in the call, so it may be unwise to take a call in a place crowded with people or when walking or cycling in the wind. Under other circumstances, it’s entirely feasible to have a conversation with the Mi Air 2 SE – either a phone call or video chat conference.

Watching videos is a faultless experience on both Android and iPhone. Audio-video synchronization is spot-on, including challenging YouTube-app. As almost always, there is a noticeable delay in sound effects when playing games.

Xiaomi Air2 SE


very cheap

light weighed

OTA firmware upgrades

Bright highs


Poor packaging

Controls are tap sensitive and not touch-sensitive

Touch controls are not very responsive


The new Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE is often compared to the first generation of the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds. But, then again, it sounds good. Though if you want to wear a good pair of truly wireless earphones – not earbuds – then this is the right choice. At Banggood, the price of the Mi Air2 SE is just at about $38.99. That’s an excellent price for all that the Mi Air2 SE offers!

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