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Xiaomi is currently producing everything, or it’s genuinely near that. In any case, but all this mare magnum they’re still producing earphones as t those appear to be one of those accessories that their customers like the most.
The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots are, as in Xiaomi’s tradition, super-moderate “wireless” headphones that offer excellent value for the money – though they are not exempt from criticism.

Redmi airdots
The World is gradually and consistently moving into a remote sound world, and on the off chance that you don’t commit, your pool of smartphone choices over the next few years will undoubtedly sneak past no issue of your own.
Presently the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are very cheap; they even take design cues from various items available yet despite the entirety of that, they are pretty darn useful for the (low) cost.

The Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are pill-shaped with a 45°-angled spout coming out of them. This design proves viable as it makes the headphones small and pleasing to the eye, with the shell made of plastic and the faceplate which also acts as the only button. Close to the spout are two metallic pins used to charge the earpieces.
Redmi AirDots is not one of those over-designed, premium-looking items. It is somewhat essential. However, that is normal at this price point.

Redmi airdots
There is no possible way one can know how much charge is left unless if they check it on the phone. That is very constraining as there is no indicator on the case, and one cannot see how much charge it has left. There is a status LED on every earpiece that reveals to you when the headphones are charging in the case, that is the primary information it gives (and that is helpful to know whether the case has any charge left or not).
The charging case is exceptionally incredible as it’s little and light. The materials are not a big deal (it’s plastic with a cheap finish and modest looks). However, the overall outcome is incredible as the build seems durable, and the small size permits one to fit the case in the pocket without issues.

The Xiaomi Redmi AirDots offer a brilliant mid-driven mark that is not regularly found in this segment of the market. Less expensive earphone generally benefits mid-bass, yet that is not the situation with the Redmi AirDots. That is a significant much-needed development.
The soundstage is limited in width and has no profundity by any means, which leads to the AirDots sounding exceptionally cozy.

Redmi airdots
Bass has unexpectedly good expansion as it reaches 50 Hz, but the volume by then is so low one needs to focus on hearing the notes in the mix. Sounds at frequencies lower than 80 Hz are more felt than heard plainly. Bass is not too bad in terms of quality, but it frequently lays behind the rest and is hard to hear even in bass-heavy tracks.
The midrange is the most pervasive part in the Redmi AirDot’s sound, with upper midrange being more stressed than the rest. This emphasis gives excellent audio clarity, which implies that the mids are often too forward in the blend and become exhausting and harsh. There’s some detail; however, it’s little.
Treble isn’t reached out by any stretch of the word’s definition, nor has it the correct emphasis. The lower segment is the most prominent; it sits behind upper midrange at any rate and is therefore not always easy to hear. The detail is limited, which leaves the AirDots with a feeble treble area.

Xiaomi attached the Redmi AirDots with Bluetooth 5.0, but alas gave them no extra codecs on SBC. This confines the overall sound quality, and as a matter of fact, these are not meant to reproduce music at an ideal quality.

Redmi airdots
Battery life is generally excellent for the size and reaches the 4 hours mark much of the time. The case has a 300 mAh battery that ought to give two extra charges to the earpieces, for a total of 12 hours of battery life. The real-life outcome is nearly close to the one advertised by Xiaomi, which is somewhat of a marvel all by itself.

Warm mids
Bright highs (loose fit)
Tiny Earpiece
IPX4 Waterproof

One colour option

The Redmi Airdots offer incredible performance and feel at a remarkable price point. Sound quality is good, connectivity was mainly pain-free, and the four or more long hours of use per-charge implies they can go with you on your everyday drive, gym session, or even long stretch flight.
The Redmi Airdots is available at Banggood.com within the range of US$25.99 ~ 31.49

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