How to connect Bluetooth to aux


A Bluetooth receiver is the device that is used to stream DreampadTM music to the DreamPad from your iPhone, iPad Touch or any other smart device that runs on android. Now, in order to connect your receiver to these devices, this is what you need to have; a 3.5mm audio plug where the dreampad is connected; LED indicator which indicates the status of the device; a multi-function button which, of course, is the ON/OFF button; and a charging jack.

How to connect Bluetooth to aux

Now, to connect the receiver to your devices, follow the steps stated below, and you will be good to go;

Make sure that you fully charge the receiver – plug the black USB cord to the wall charger that comes with the package. While the device is still charging, the LED indicator stays red, but once it is fully charged, the red light turns off.

Then, connect the receiver with your smart device – to do this, you need to press and hold the multi-function button until the LED indicator changes between blue and red. That when you let go of the button. Then, go to your Bluetooth settings and select the PBTR30 – once the sync is complete, the device will say Paired or Connected. What’s more, when the receiver gets paired, with your device, it remains that way for as wrong as the device remains on.

When it comes to powering the receiver, or switching it on and off, you just need to hold the multi-function button for 3 or so seconds.

There you have it folks, it is pretty easy, right? Well, that’s all you need to do to connect the Bluetooth receiver to your smart devices.

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