Where to buy a music box?


Before we get into understanding where you can get of these, how about we first understand what a music box really is? Now, a music box, which is referred in other words as musical box, is a mechanical instrument of music that is sounded when tuned metal prongs, or even teeth, mounted in a line on a flat comb vibrates when it comes into contact with a revolving disc or cylinder driven by a clockwork mechanism. When the disc or cylinder revolves, projections such as small pins that are mounted on its surface pluck the metal teeth on their pointed ends, which causes them to vibrate thereby producing musical notes. The arrangement of projections on the disc or the cylinder determines the sequence of the notes produced. The deeper the teeth are cut into the flat plate or the comb, the lower the pitch when plucked.

Where to buy a music box?

Now, the music box was pretty common from around 1810 all the way until early 20th century, when the phonograph and the player piano rendered it obsolete. But these doesn’t mean that people don’t still buy them, on the contrary, a Taiwan based tech company released the first music box that is controlled through an app. Unlike the traditional music box, people don’t need to punch holes in order to compose songs on a paper strip music box. This new music box gives more freedom when it comes to composing songs as well as when choosing the songs the songs that you want to play on a music box. So, if anything, it even got better. All what this instrument needed is a massive upgrade, and it would start controlling the market the way it used to.

Where to buy

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