Amazfit Stratos review

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The Stratos is a relatively complete multisport watch, well supplied with sensors, offering many functions and at a price defying any competition for a watch of this type.
It is aimed at a public interested in a high-end watch but at a mini price.

Amazfit Stratos

The design and display
Design-wise, the Stratos hits the spot. It’s not going to turn heads, but it’s relatively minamalistic and won’t look out of place in the office or at the gym.
At 46mm, it’s a chunkier option than a few smartwatches around at the moment, but it’s fairly normal when it comes to smartwatch standards.
Although it took some getting used to, at 70g it’s on the light side (thank goodness) and does come with a very comfy silicone strap. After a few days it only felt too big when I was sleeping and swimming.

Amazfit Stratos
That lovely-looking display is made from 1.34inch 2.5D Gorilla Glass with a bezel round the edge and a chevron-style design. This was a nice touch and although the bezel feels tough enough to take a few knocks.
There are three rather big buttons on the right hand side of the Stratos and the screen itself has a 320×300 resolution.

The watch is powered by a custom software package that has a watch face with widgets and apps that you scroll through and setup in the smartphone app. There are 14 watch faces to choose from, but you can also load your own image and create a custom watch face.
There are nine widgets and apps to choose from, including weather, heart rate, music, alarm, compass, stopwatch, sleep, training, and timer. By default, these are installed on the watch out of the box and accessed by swiping right or left through the available widgets. You can customize the order of these widgets/apps within the smartphone application.

Fitness Tracking
The Stratos is Amazfit’s most ambitious wearable, both in terms of its design and its fitness-ready features. If you’re scouring the market for a device that will be a reliable gym buddy, you’ll quickly realize how expensive most of the options out there are.
The Amazfit Stratos does a whole lot in the fitness department. In terms of the workout types it can track natively, this includes running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, mountain climbing and hiking, trail running, triathlon, tennis, soccer and skiing.

Amazfit Stratos
You can get granular with your fitness, should you desire. For example, the bottom button on the Stratos lets you trigger the lap function so you can time your reps if you’re aiming to get a lower time running around the local pond. Of course, something like this comes in handy when you’re swimming, which along with showering is a worry-free workout thanks to this watch’s waterproofing that can withstand five atmospheres of pressure.

Battery Life
Huami has a 5-day autonomy in connected watch mode and 35 hours in GPS mode. It is thus possible, in theory, to make long outings (ultratrail, etc). In reality, experience shows that autonomy can be much lower, especially when Bluetooth is used (headset, cardio belt, etc.).

Connected functions
The watch displays call, SMS and email notifications so you do not miss anything if the phone is in the pocket or in the room next.

GPS navigation
The Stratos records the GPS track and allows navigation along a pre-recorded route. You can also program alerts in case of track exit (vibrator for example).

Battery life
Always on display
Accurate step tracking

Poor display quality
Inconsistent GPS tracking
Inaccurate sleep tracking

The Stratos is a decent fitness tracker that looks nice and is very affordable. At this Smartwatch is sold for $159.99

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