Mifo O5 wireless earbuds Review

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The Mifo O5 is a set of wireless earbuds. These earphones allow you to connect via Bluetooth to your phone or another audio source without the need for cables and allow you maximum freedom of movement. In this review we will be taking a closer look at the features of this earbuds so intending buyers can know what to expect.

Mifo 05 Bluetooth earbuds

The Design and build
The Mifo O5, however, score big points when it comes to the styling because for a sub $100 earphone they look excellent and far more premium than I was expecting. The outer plate is a metal with the inner a soft tough plastic that is nicely contoured to be comfortable with a wide range of ear shapes.
Everything is well put together with good materials, and while they might be somewhat dull to look at they are very well made.

Mifo 05 Bluetooth earbuds
The Mifo O5 is very comfortable as well. The teardrop housing finds its place in between my tragus and anti-tragus and locks securely in place.

Control and connectivity
There are two very tiny buttons on each earpiece — one on the left side of the silver plate, one on the right. They give you all the controls you want to have on the bluetooth headphone, even though you may have to get used to the setup. On the right side you’ll play/ pause/ take a call with the button on the front. The other button will let you increase the volume.
On the left side, it’s the front button that lets you decrease the volume, and it’s the back button that is used for playing/ pausing/ taking a call. Study the controls for activating the voice assistant and rejecting a call before you use them – it may save you a fair amount of frustration.
What’s special though, is that the tiny buttons are nowhere near too tiny to control with your bare finger tips. Because of their side position, you don’t press the earpieces too deep in your ear too. Mifo found a way to make earpieces look stylish, yet give them all the desired functions right at hand.
Connectivity too is top notch, with the Bluetooth connection being stable up to 10 meters and in more challenging situations. Take the earpieces out of the charger and they connect and pair automatically – put them back in and they deactivate.

Audio Quality
The Mifo do a decent job at recreating the music, but it does still sound a drawn-out and lacking energy. The tuning is relatively flat, and there is not a lot of emphasis to the low end, which might be to some peoples preferences.

Mifo 05 Bluetooth earbuds
That said the sound on the Mifo is still quite good and when you consider the price and the number of features that this earphone has then its almost impossible to complain. The bass is light and has adequate speed. I wouldn’t say that they are suitable for bass-heavy music because ultimately, fans of such genres will always be left wanting more from them. However, if you are more likely to listen to classic rock, jazz, and other more bass light genres, then the smoothness of the presentation will be a bonus.

Charging Case and Battery Life
Just like the beautiful packaging of the product, the charging case of the Mifo O5 feels incredibly premium. It’s made from brushed steel with a silver lining to accentuate the lid. It’s big, it’s heavy and… it’s a beast of a charger. The ridiculous 2600mAh battery can charge the earpieces fully up to 15 times. And get this: the earpieces on their own let you listen for 6 hours straight at medium volumes. The Mifo O5 will last an entire vacation trip without charging, it’s that strong.

Mifo 05 Bluetooth earbuds

Good battery life
Beautiful design
Comfortable for use
Ease of use
Quality sound production

Average call Quality

If you’re looking for a pair of true wireless earphones that are a perfection companion on your workday or on travels, the Mifo O5 are a great choice. Visit Banggood.com today to purchase yours for just about $90.

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