Review of the Xiaomi Mi Youth Bluetooth Headset

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Therefore, more and more wireless Bluetooth headphones come into our sight. The Sports Bluetooth headset is one of them. High-quality sports Bluetooth headset is no longer an expensive product. For people who have great demand for portability, they are very interested in sports Bluetooth headset. And recently, Xiaomi just launched a very cost-effective Bluetooth headset product: Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Youth Edition.

Bluetooth headphone

The design and build
the Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headphones Youth Edition has removed the hard ear hook design to ensure the portability of the headset to the utmost extent.
This is also why this sports earphone can limit its weight to 13.6g, becoming the lightest Bluetooth sports earphone in the current Xiaomi family. Even if it is worn for a long time, the Bluetooth headphone will not cause too much trouble to the ear.

Bluetooth headphone
After removing the ear hook design, Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headphones Youth Edition has added a plastic ear brace similar to shark fins. Xiaomi said that the 58° tilt angle can better fit the auricle to ensure sports wear in time.
When we wear headphones for jogging or equipment exercise, the Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headphones Youth Edition can fit nicely on the ear and will not slip easily. If you feel uncomfortable, it also offers five additional rubber ear caps to replace.

Battery life
For a sports Bluetooth headset, its duration is also very important. People are very panicked about the power consumption of electronic products. If there is no power, they will be very anxious. For the sports Bluetooth headset, the same is true for the sports Bluetooth headset. The Youth Edition of the Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth headset can last 11 hours under full power. That’s a good performance. If you spend two hours a day on the road or playing music, you can use it for more than five consecutive days, which is very convenient, and the charging speed of Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Youth Edition is very fast.

Bluetooth headphone

Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Youth Edition has good waterproofing function. For a sports headset, people often wear headphones during exercise, so it can not avoid the phenomenon of sweating and wetting headphones. This will test the waterproofing performance of headphones. Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Youth Edition supports IPX4 waterproofing, which can effectively prevent sweat and rain splashing on headphones. The damage of the device makes you move freely.

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Audio Quality
Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Youth Edition also provides excellent sound quality performance. With 10mm strong magneto coil unit and PET ultra-thin horn diaphragm, it can better restore the song and bring delicate and clear sound quality performance. In use, it is equipped with three keys to design multi-functional line control, which can realize the operation of playback pause, call, volume adjustment. Even in the development version of MIUI or above, it can directly wake up the little love classmates in the mobile phone and complete more operations through Xiaoai. Xiaomi Bluetooth headset is based on CSR8640 Bluetooth chip, which is Bluetooth 4.1 connection standard and has stable and efficient connection rate. It can have an effective connection of 10 meters, support CVC digital noise reduction, and support up to two mobile devices.

Strong battery Life
Noise canceling capability
Working waterproof function
Comfortable to use
Very light weighted

No cons

If you are looking for a budget Bluetooth headphone that is of great quality, then I will recommend this Xiaomi Mi Youth Bluetooth Headset. At this headphone is sold for $24.99

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