BlitzWolf BW-FYE6 Review


Many tech companies have tried to copy the AirPods by Apple, others have maintained a more original style, at least varying the design. Among these we certainly find the TWS produced by BlitzWolf which, although they do not differ much from the solution developed by the Cupertino company, show a minimum of originality. In this review we are going to be looking at what this wireless earphone from BlitzWolf has to offer.


The design and build
Taking a closer look at the design, we cannot relate them to AirPods by Apple. Although the shape look a little bit like them, the gampo appears to be thicker than those produced by the Cupertino house, showing at the bottom also the microphone for receiving calls. Once extracted from its case, then, the biggest difference is immediately evident. Such headphones are in-ear, which is why BlitzWolf has included three pairs of inside the pack spare rubbers, of various sizes.
Each earphones apiece weighs only 4,1 grams. Therefore, using them daily, I have never felt the need to remove them after several hours of use.


They are so light that, after a while, they almost don’t feel anymore. Only the custody, then, it weighs 53 grams, so even from this point of view you will have no problem bringing it with you. Looking at the case, we can see how it was made entirely of plastic. On the front we find, then, a small screen LED which simply indicates the charge status of the headphones and the residual percentage of the case. Finally, the entrance is located on the right profile USB Type-C for charging.

Audio Quality
These BlitzWolf BW-FYE6 are based on standard support SBC (sub-band coding). It is a type of codec which can be used without a license and which, therefore, is often used on products that cannot cost exorbitant amounts.

Because of this you can also do without listening to your tracks audio from sources that are too crystal clear, as the audio signal that will reach your ear will always be on a maximum of 328 kbps. All frequencies, however, are well reproduced, with i bassi who manage to make themselves heard even though they are not overwhelming. With pop music, sometimes the voice of singers is slightly lower than it should be, but in general, from this point of view you can almost always enjoy excellent quality. Being in-ear, then, they isolate quite well from theexternal environment and this aspect may not be positive for everyone.

These true wireless headphones produced by BlitzWolf are characterized by the presence of the Bluetooth 5.0. Thanks to it you can make the pairing with the smartphone in less than 3 seconds.


Battery Life
The single headphones own a unit of 35 mAh, While the custody implements a battery from 800 mAh. You are guaranteed about about 3 hours and 30 minutes of continuous use. Thanks to the entrance USB Type-Cthen, the complete charging of the dock station takes place in approx 2 hours and minutes 30. When they are completely discharged, however, the two  Bluetooth headphones take about 1 now and 30 minutes to fully charge.


Comfortable to use
Long duration of use
Quality sound production
Great design
Light weight

May experience disconnection sometimes

This wireless earphone is an accessory you should have. It helps you in receiving phone calls while driving, so that you can use both hands on the steering. At this device is available for purchase at $49.9

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