Bluedio T6 Bluetooth Headphone Review

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The Bluedio T6 is a really good-looking device, and even though it’s mostly made of plastic, it doesn’t look or feel cheap. The plastic build helps in terms of comfort, as the headset is light and doesn’t weigh down your ears.
The earcups come in an oval shape, unlike the round shape on the Bluedio T5, and since the device is a circum-aural (over-ear) type of headphones, they go all the way around your ears.


The design
These new Bluedio headphones came in a very different design from the previous ones. We now have pillows in a more oval style rather than the round style that marked previous generations . In our personal opinion, we prefer this type of design, it is a shape that fits most to the user’s ear. The body is made of high quality plastic, both at the level of the ear and the headband, however it is a very good material, and gives a premium feeling when playing.

The earbuds are equally comfortable, as is the headband rubber, we have been wearing these headphones during working hours (around 8 hours) and we have not noticed any discomfort, which is a positive point.
There are also 7 adjustment modes so you can fit your head perfectly.

Audio Quality
Music sounds great on these headphones, and this makes it a good buy for its price.
If there’s something Bluedio got right with the T6, it’s the bass. It sounds really great, and if you like to hear your bass clearly when listening to music, you’d love this device.
Mids are decent, and the highs are crisp and sound good. The bass tends to get bloated and slightly overwhelm the mids and highs in the presence of noise, but turning ANC on will quickly fix that.

Noice Cancellation
The Passive Noise Isolation delivered by the Bluedio T6, the first time you put it on, is enough to make someone new to the technology believe that’s all there is to the noise cancellation; the headphones’ over-the-ear design and earcup padding do well to block out a lot of outside noise.
Active Noise Cancellation works as well as should be expected on a device in this price category. You won’t notice the effects when your surroundings are quiet, but flip the switch in a busy environment, wait for three seconds for the system to kick in, and you’ll find yourself back indoors.

Turning on Active Noise Cancellation makes the bass less punchy and the mids and highs brighter. This makes the audio sound better for some genres like country, but bass-intensive music wouldn’t sound as good.
You should note, however, that the ANC on the Bluedio T6 only cancels out noise at low consistent frequencies, like the background noise of a power generator, sounds from the engine of a dilapidated automobile, etc; you would still hear regular chatter around you. This is the expected behavior, and ANC works better on the Bluedio T6 than on most headphones in its price category.

Battery Life
We have a very fast battery charge, you can charge the headphones 100% in a period of 1: 30h-2: 00h, and you’ll have a battery life of 25h, according to the manufacturer.
As we make an alternate use of Bluedio, we can not confirm these times, however with a charge we get 2 days of battery (8 hours a day), which will do about 20 hours, take note that as was alternate use the measurement is not so the range can be even 25 hours announced by the manufacturer.

Active Noise Cancelation technology
Large 57mm drivers
Runs on the very latest 4.2 Bluetooth technology
25 hours of excellent battery range
Very cheap price point

No USB-C to P2 cable out of the box

Bluedio comes back to surprise with these new Bluedio T6. New design, in our opinion more comfortable and fit than previous models. This headphone is available for purchase in for the price of $67.50

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