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What is a mechanical keyboard?
Keyboards that use a mechanical switch under each key are known as mechanical keyboards. There are a wide variety of mechanical switch designs that offer a distinctive feel or sound when pressed, generally identified by the color of the switch itself. Mechanical keyboards are preferred over less expensive “rubber dome” keyboards due to their longer lifespan, customization options, and increased performance in gaming and typing. Ducky is a well respected brand in the Mechanical Keyboard industry and a leader in producing clean, simple, and cutting-edge mechanical switch peripherals.

Ducky keyboard

Are ducky mechanical keyboards good for typing?
Ducky mechanical keyboards are much better for typing than average keyboards as they do not require you to “bottom out” or press all the way down. Bottoming out results in the application of unnecessary stress on your joints and fingers. Ducky keyboards typically only require a key to be pressed halfway to send a signal to your computer, allowing for quicker and easier typing.

Do laptops have ducky mechanical keyboards?
Some laptops offer a low-travel mechanical switch using a “Butterfly” mechanism. These switches are technically mechanical – however, most of the advantages provided in a standard mechanical keyboard are lost. Certain gaming brands have released fully mechanical laptop options – but there is more innovation needed before this is a standard option.

Are mechanical keyboards loud?
Not all mechanical keyboards are loud – though the especially clicky IBM Model M certainly helped to develop the noisy reputation. The most popular switch option for a mechanical keyboard is typically a quiet tactile variant – typically a Brown switch. Many factors in mechanical keyboard design can contribute to its overall noise – with steel plates and heavy keycaps often contributing quite a bit.

Where to buy a ducky mechanical keyboard
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Ducky Mechanical Keyboards offer a superb typing experience for competitive gamers and typists alike.
Say goodbye to your inconsistent rubber-dome keyboard, and see why Ducky Mechanical keyboards are the obvious choice for a product you use everyday.

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