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iPhone is one of the most popular and used device in the world. It is manufactured by Apple (a multibillion dollar company). There’s high tendency for the charger of an iPhone to get bad due to due to some reasons. Acquiring a charger is one thing, and purchasing the suitable charger is another. In this article I am going to be telling you where you can buy an original iPhone at affordable price.

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How to fix an iPhone Charger
Sometimes the charger of your iPhone can be fixed, and it may not be necessary to buy a new one. Here are some ways to fixing an iPhone charger;
If your phone no longer seems to be charging properly, the first thing to do is make sure the outlet isn’t the problem. Try plugging other devices into the outlet, and see if they’re getting any power.
If the outlet is working, now figure out if the charger is the issue, or if it’s the iPhone/iPad. Borrow a friend’s or co-worker’s charger and see if your phone registers it and powers up as quickly as it used to. If so, the phone is okay, and that’s a good thing.
If not, then inspect the cable, and if there is visible fraying, wrap the damaged area in electrical tape. This may realign the internal wiring and fix the issue. Also, if you see a fraying cable in the future, apply electrical tape before the cord fails and you may preempt an issue.
Next, try cleaning the connection point on your iPhone or iPad charger.
Still no luck? Then if you know how to solder, you can cut, strip, and then reconnect the wire.
If you’re trying to fix the AC adapter, you’d end up spending as much in little replacement components and tools as you would on a new charger, so don’t bother unless you’re a hobbyist making the repairs for fun, or as a point of pride.
If nothing is working, you’re better off just getting a new charger.

Where to purchase an original iPhone charger
Banggood is the ideal place for you to buy an original iPhone charger. They have charges of top quality at affordable rates. Do yourself a favor by buying yours today.

Acquiring a good charger is as important as the device, because without your iPhone being well charged, you won’t be able to make good use of it. So make the purchase of a new charger for your iPhone your numer one item on your list of things to buy.

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