Xiaomi 2C 20000 mAh: Grab The Super Power at An Even Lower

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Smartphone batteries are getting bigger and better but they are still, after all a smartphone battery. A typical smartphone would need at least 2 charging cycles per day for medium to heavy users. But charging your phone is not always feasible. For example, if you are traveling, you need your smartphone for Navigation, searching the best restaurants and clicking pictures, all of which are power hungry, battery consuming tasks. Having a reliable and powerful power bank by your side can save the day in such situations. The 2c 20000 mAh power bank by Xiaomi ticks all the requirements to be one of the best power banks in the market at a very pocket-friendly price tag.

Coming from Xiaomi, the 2c 20000 mAh power bank spells great value for your money. And it does so by providing a feature-packed power bank at a very competitive price.

power bank

Look and feel

The Xiaomi 2c 20000 Power bank is housed in a scratch resistant ABS plastic textured shell. The shell is not aluminum like most other vendors would provide at this but the textured surface means it’s not slippery like its aluminum counterparts. The textured finish also feels quite premium to hold. It weighs around 338 Kgs, which is a bit on the heavier side but its justified, considering the power it houses. It also comes with an LED cluster to show battery percentage and a power on/off button at the side. The power bank though can turn on and off by itself as you connect and disconnect your device, which is a handy feature.

power bank

Charging and capacity

The power bank, as the name suggests, has a whopping 20,000 mAh capacity which would be enough to charge your smartphone more than 4 times easily. It houses 5 high-density batteries which can charge two devices at once with its two USB ports. The power bank can be charged through a micro USB port, the cable for which is included inside the box.

power bank


Xiaomi 2c 20000 Power bank comes packed with features to ensure that you get efficient power delivery. It comes with a nine-layer circuit chip protection system with USB smart control chips and charging/discharging chips.

Nine-Layer protection includes:

1) Temperature monitoring and control

2) Input over-voltage protection

3) Output over-voltage protection

4) Protection from short circuit

5) Protection from incorrect insertion

6) Protection from overcharge and over discharge

7) Reset mechanism

8) Protection from output over-current

9) PTC Protective circuits for the cell


The Xiaomi 2c 20000 Power bank gives you all these features and the whopping 20,000 mAh capacity at an astounding price of just 49 dollars. But if you hurry, you can grab one at an even lower price of just 37.32 dollars at Banggood. To buy, just follow the link below.


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