Xiaomi Power Bank 2: The Smart Way to Charge Your Phone

Power Bank

We all know the feeling when we run out of battery on our mobile devices. Luckily, we live in a time when this problem can be easily solved. Just buy a power bank. However, do you think it’s so simple?

There is much more to a power bank than simply charging your mobile phone. And because of that, you may be missing out on some nice features that will make your life easier. All of these features are included in the new Xiaomi Power Bank 2.

power bank

When you take the Xiaomi Power Bank 2 out of the box,  you will see the minimalistic clean design of the device. The built quality is solid with good quality plastics. The weight of the device is only 358 grams. In the box is included a high-quality micro USB cable too. On the first glance at it, you can see the power bank have 2 USB ports, 1 micro-USB port and 4 light indicators for battery percentage.

power bank

The capacity of the power bank is 20000 mAh. That’s a lot! With this capacity, you can be sure that you will be able to charge your phone and all of your other devices multiple times. All of the USB ports support fast charging. But be aware if you use the power bank to charge two phones at the same time, only one of the ports will work with quick-charge.

power bank

The most important features for me in the Xiaomi Power Bank 2 are the safety layers built in the device. The power bank provides nine layers of circuit chip protection.

Short circuit protection provides automatic protection to the motherboard and the battery when a short circuit occurs.

Temperature resistance control mechanism assures that the battery work with safety temperature levels.

power bank

Input/Output overvoltage protection monitors the voltage and shut off the power bank when a problem occurs, reset mechanism, protection from overcurrent and many more features that will make you feel safer.

The only thing that may be a little problem when you buy the power bank is that the manual is written on Chinese. But that’s not so much of an issue since the power bank it’s easy to use and we don’t really need a manual.

power bank

With 20000 mAh battery, the Xiaomi Power Bank 2 is amazing, reliable, and safe device for everyday use. With the affordable price for the quality that provides,  the power bank is one of the best devices in the market right now.

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