Top Three Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Are you looking for a portable speaker to take it with you into a vacation, party, beach or for casual use? There is a variety out there, but we present you with the latest and best portable Bluetooth speakers which not only guarantee beauty and uniqueness but also quality sound. These speakers are available in different colors and sizes depending on your needs. Let’s take a quick glance at the trending models in the market.

Xiaomi AI Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Smart voice control

This pocket Bluetooth speaker is light, exquisite and compact. It is an egg size and weighs only 52g, which makes it possible to carry it on the palm of your hand, put it in your pocket or hang it with its original lanyard. It has a compact circuit and a large speaker which supports strong bass. The DRC algorithm makes the sound smooth which in turn makes the large sound stable. The lithium battery is designed to give you four hours of service in full swing. When in standby mode, the battery can last for 45 days! The voice control program only recognizes the Chinese language so far. Think carefully before purchase if you mainly intend to use the voice command. The base price including shipping is 19.99 US dollars.

Bluetooth speakers

San T18 Bluetooth Speaker, a Subwoofer with 1200mAh battery

This model is compact making it easier to carry around. The dual speakers give stabilized sound restoring the unique charm in music. The large speakers bring the ultimate balance of bass, alto, and treble making it possible to listen to any kind of music. Its battery capacity is 1200mAh, which gives you up to 8 hours of service nonstop. With a maximum transmission range of 10 m, it occurs in red, blue and black colors and measures 188 mm by 54 mm by 64 mm. Its price is 22.49 US dollars including shipping. Its frequency transmission ranges from 20 to 50Hz, and it has a port which you can plug in a microphone.

Bluetooth speakers

Aluminum Alloy Mini Speaker, perfectly combines with a cell phone

When you think about unique design, lightness, simple and effective pocket Bluetooth Speaker, then this model gives you all those in one sitting. It has only one button, making it easier to operate and its designers have integrated CSR Bluetooth 4.0 technology which provides loud yet stable and smooth sound waves regardless of whether the volume is at its lowest or maximum. The CVC 6.0 technology takes sound calibration to the next level giving accurate pitch making it suitable for use whether at home, office, outdoor or in the car. The casings are fabricated using CNC diamond cutting machines giving them a gorgeous appearance accompanied by delicate texture. It weighs only 60g and has a battery capacity of 480mAh. The main colors available are gray, gold or silver. The base price for this pocket Bluetooth Speaker is 15.99 US dollars.

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These models possess all essential internal organs which make listening to anything fan. Any of these pocket Bluetooth speakers presents you with a perfect balance of sound quality and space. The precise and accurate calibration of volume ensures you get the minimum voice possible when in public. The prices are pocket-friendly, and it may prove to be a lifetime investment down the line as the whole system is designed to last long.

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