BlitzWolf BW-KS1 Bluetooth Party Karaoke Speaker Review


Nothing says fun than having karaoke with a bunch of friends and singing along to your favorite songs. The problem is, more often than not, people have to go to a club setting on designated nights. For anyone who prefers a more intimate setting, this can be utterly inconveniencing. The good news is, BlitzWolf BW-KS1 Bluetooth party karaoke speaker is here to save the day!

BlitzWolf BW-KS1

All about BlitzWolf BW-KS1

How does this speaker look like? What are some of the features that set them apart? Here is an exclusive review!


This product comes neatly wrapped in a box to protect it from the external elements. On unboxing it, one is faced by a well-framed speaker accompanied by a wireless microphone and a remote. It comes with an elegant design and is the mini size. This speaker also comes with a handle to ensure portability and well-calibrated buttons to enhance efficiency.

BlitzWolf BW-KS1

Features and advantages

Some of the amazing features of the BlitzWolf BW-KS1 Bluetooth party speaker include;

Portable and light size- this speaker is made from a combination of various materials and aluminum alloys, making it lightweight and very easy to carry around.

Hifi sound quality- it comes with an excellent treble with a boosted bass to enhance your experience.

Convenient wireless microphone- this 10 M wireless frequency microphone is equipped with a Hifi sound quality to enhance voice clarity and the auditory experience. It would work perfectly in parties and even classrooms.

Intimate recording function- the only requirement for recording your favorite jams is ensuring a storage device is inserted!

Electricity amount display screen- the display screen clearly shows the battery level and the mode being used.

BlitzWolf BW-KS1

Uses of the BlitzWolf BW-KS1 speaker

What are some of the exciting ways that you can use this amazing gadget for? For starters, karaoke would do! This Bluetooth speaker would come in handy when you want to spice up a party. Its sound quality makes it the perfect speaker to play educational videos in a classroom. You could also use this speaker to listen to your favorite songs or record since it has the ability to play music from various sources, including a phone or flash drive.

BlitzWolf BW-KS1


The BlitzWolf BW-KS1 Bluetooth party karaoke speaker is a must-have for anyone who enjoys karaoke. With this gadget, any day can be karaoke night. With its amazing features and specifications, there’s no doubt that it has the ability to spice up any boring situation.

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