The Review of Xiaomi 3D VR Glasses

VR Glasses

Virtual reality is the best way to experience and explore the world without any kind of restrictions. It enables you to travel to your areas of desire. The only prerequisite is that you need a compatible smartphone or headphones to arouse the senses. Ever heard of 3D glasses? They make all of your dreams come true.

3D Glasses


The virtual reality glasses from Xiaomi would be a great experience and opportunity for you to explore. They come packed in a very beautiful manner and with a manual inside on how to use. The material: spandex and nylon, and black in weighs roughly 208.7 grams which makes it very portable.

3D Glasses


It has a hollowed outside design to allow heat dissipation. Have spaces that can a 4.7-5.7 inch smartphone or less. Is that not awesome? Anti-slip strips ensure your phone is secure and ranged with the lenses perfectly.

Has a human-oriented design: an adjustable pupil distance and two zippers that make it appear fashionable and convenient to use. Has immerse experience and comfortable wearing for you.

Has adopted the aspherical lens for clear viewing. It’s just what you need to feel that you are there in the outside world.

The lycra material makes it very durable without hindrances along the way.

3D Glasses


They are easy to use considering their compatibility with smartphones. The 3D App interface has been made simple to allow you to switch viewing content without actually meddling with the VR experience. These Xiaomi glasses are actually made from high-quality materials which extend even to the smallest details. It has 1080 display which offers spectacular clarity. It’s powered by two AAA batteries and its light and small and it’s easy to use. In case you aren’t in China, you can download other VR Apps like within, and jaunt and still use the headset, just open the phone then click on the Chinese pop-up message to make sure it shows.

3D Glasses


Not every smartphone is compatible with the VR glasses. Some are bigger than the slot provided. This gear also rewards the latest phones which means you need to be kind of top notch with their production. The Mi VR platform is currently only in China although it can be used outside of China.

3D Glasses


Having the Xiaomi VR glasses has made feel like that’s what I lacked. It’s just perfect in terms of using and carrying. It is such an awesome experience. The features are just as I stated above. You can’t afford to miss yours too. It’s financially friendly considering its quality of service.

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