Follow These Steps to Change Your Apple Watch Straps

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There are so many reasons as to why you may want to change the straps of your watch. Whatever the reasons might be, you do not need to spend a lot to get it done. All components of the Apple watch are the same; the only difference comes in the body design and the strap. You need to read on and find out how to do it. You will be surprised how easy and straightforward it is.

apple watch straps

To change your Apple watch straps, you do not need any specialized techniques or tools. What you need to do, is to, first of all, find the bands that correspond well with your Apple watch model. That is the only challenging part. Once you have that, everything else will automatically fall in line. It is advisable that you go for the aftermarket once since they are cheaper and readily available. Below are the steps to follow on how to remove and replace your Apple watch straps.

apple watch straps

Here is how to remove your Apple watch straps

Removing the straps is the most straightforward technique of all, and you will be surprised that there is nothing special in it. All you need to do is to hold the watch in your hand and flip it over then find the small buttons at the top and bottom of the watch. Press the small oval buttons and slide the bands away from the watch perpendicularly, i.e., going sideways. You can slip the straps away from the watch from whichever side you want. The straps are usually held by a small bump like plastic that is under the tension of a little spring.

apple watch straps

Replacing your Apple watch straps

Replacing the Apple watch straps depends on the type of straps you have. Those with specific bands are very easy to replace. You just need to slide it back the same way you removed the old ones. This is made easy because the apple watch with specific bands is made in such a way that it is complete and fully integrated. This means that it comes with a non-removable connector for the watch, thus making it easy to remove and replace.

apple watch straps

Those with the generic band adapter you will need to buy an adapter that links well with your Apple watch. The only tool that you need is a screwdriver. This form of straps has two small L-shaped pieces that are made to slide into each other. Once that is done you have to screw them onto the adapter then you attach your new straps.

That is how you get new straps for your favorite apple watch without going into too much trouble.

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