The Review of BlitzWolf BW-KS1 Bluetooth Party Karaoke Speaker


We all love bonding activities either with family or friends. Maybe a house party, food, drinks friends and one thing that always kicks, Music. The best source of music for these special kinds of event which are the now popular Bluetooth portable speakers. Recently the demand for wireless speakers is rising high and ensuring you get the best all in one speaker is paramount to ensure a good time. Blitz Wolf BW-KS1 can be the ultimate device.

 BlitzWolf BW-KS1

Packed with new technology, lightweight, Hifi sound, wireless microphone with intimate recording capabilities and an EA clear display screen this is the perfect device to enjoy music from with friend and maybe do some karaoke music.


The BlitzWolf BW-KS1 currently available in black is a solid, well-built rectangle, lightweight perfectly balanced speaker on the market, Made from a high-end PC, PVC Iron and aluminium alloy material. Forming a compact premium lightweight product easy to carry that just 12*7 *13 inch in dimensions and 2.4kg in weight. On the sides, you can notice a strong comfortable handle. which rotates freely up to 300 degrees for easy handling and if this is not enough. Added on the side are metal clips, where you can attach a neck or side strap.

 BlitzWolf BW-KS1

The sturdy build and size beat most of the Bluetooth speakers on the market. which some are fragile, easily breakable or heavy and ugly to carry around. The controls are situated on the top side of the speaker housing a customizable equalizer, with knobs and all the connectivity ports, making the speaker easy to use and understand out of the box.

In connectivity, It offers many ways of interacting with the device. Either wired or wirelessly you have the freedom to connect with any device like smartphones, PCs, Instruments etc through the available ports- Mic input, FM connection, Aux in, USB, Bluetooth, and TF card input.

 BlitzWolf BW-KS1

The speaker also has a clear display screen which displays operations in the speaker like modes and battery level. On the side, it also houses an attractive led colourful animated strip which adds a dynamic energizing effect as it responds to music.

Despite its small size, BlitzWolf BW-KS1 delivers a rich hi-fi sound with deep strong bass and crisp treble, for long hours packing a big battery, 3600mAh with a quick charge time of 4hrs. ensuring maximum audio experience.

 BlitzWolf BW-KS1

With an assistive convenient remote that comes with the speaker. you get freedom and flexibility because you can, control the speaker wirelessly either to increase volume, switch between modes or change songs.

It also comes with a wireless 10m Microphone 268.85MHZ/262.85MHZ frequency. The hi-fi sound recording capability straight to a TF card of flash disk makes it the perfect karaoke Bluetooth speaker for Home parties, karaoke, and classrooms.

Finally, BlitzWolf BW-KS1 is a powerful Bluetooth speaker that apart from the features which set it apart from other Bluetooth speakers. It is also affordable starting from USD 75.99 which is cheaper as compared to the quality and performance. To anyone looking for the best speaker that’s portal, powerful, cheap and premium looking then there is a better deal on a powerful speaker as the BlitzWolf BW-KS1.

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