What Makes Jcrobot S5 Handheld Camera Stabilizer The Real Deal

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Whether you are a professional photographer or videographer, or maybe an apprentice with a cool camera, you will always end up with the terrifying shaky videos unless you have a good camera stabilizer. Camera stabilizers are made to hold the camera firmly in place when recording so that you end up with high-quality rocky-steady footage.

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However, with the market already packed with a plethora of camera stabilizers, you will need to be vigilant when choosing the best camera stabilizer for your camera. And since separating the best from the rest is not a five-finger exercise, we have made the work easier for you; we have thoroughly tested a good number of stabilizers out there keenly comparing the features to determine the one that perfectly meets the user needs. And yes, after all this, Jcrobot S5 Handheld Camera Stabilizer could be the stabilizer you have been looking for over the years! But wait, why Jcrobot S5? Well, it’s all covered below;

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Jcrobot S5 Handheld Camera Stabilizer:

This commercial-grade quality is of hard polymer composites material that stands the test of time. Additionally, the handheld stabilizer comes with an ergonomic design for longer recording and enhanced portability. The unit comes in an elegant black finish that perfectly pairs with almost any camera, so it looks like a single unit. But in case black isn’t your favourite, you still have many options left for since it is also available in gold, pink, and grey colours. Let us dig deeper to examine some of the features that make it a real standout:

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Built-in features:

This Steadicam comes with impressive built-in features such as lapse shot, shooting mode, multiple filters, mode switching, and many others give you a variety of cool photography- becoming a great director that has never gotten this easier!

Tracking Functionality:

The face recognition feature allows your camera to focus on the subject to capture real-like images. The object tracking functionality also makes it easy to capture high-quality footage on the moving objects.

camera stabilizer


If you record longer videos, it’s obvious that you will need a camera stabilizer that is lightweight. And yes, weighing just 250 grams, it allows you to take longer footages without feel tired. Additionally, this property grants you unlimited videography and cinematography since you can carry the unit almost anywhere you want.


Whether you want it for your GoPro 2/3/4/5 camera or for your smartphone, it is tailored to offer such versatility. It supports smartphones with a size of below 6.0.

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Bi-directional power:

This Steadicam features USB and micro USB interface for charging the gimbal and the attached device to keep the entire setup powered. The unit has a battery capacity of 4400mAh to keep you recording for longer even when not near a power outlet. Charging only takes a maximum of 4 hours to give you more time for enjoying the fun in videography.


The price of this unit is great.

It features lightweight yet durable construction.

It is easy to use.


It isn’t a hands-free stabilizer


If you are looking for a camera stabilizer that will not disappoint, Jcrobot S5 should be of help for you. The camera comes with amazing functionalities at a good price. Why not add to your shopping cart?

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