Blitzwolf is Offering Chinese New Year Promotion

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Blitzwolf is a Chinese brand which is devoted to providing power banks, chargers, data cables and other mobile phone accessories. With its aim of simplifying our life, it concentrates on making its product not only simple and safe to use but also a bargain for customers in the world. In 2010, it impressed people in the world with its breakthrough in quick charging: Power 3S. Now, BlitzWolf reaches almost every corner of the world.

Blitzwolf Chinese New Year Promotion

Recently, it is gonna to provide the Blitzwolf Chinese New Year Promotion for its loyal customers from all over the world in the time of Chinese Lunar calendar new year. Officially, it will begin on January 28, 2019, and lasts till January 11 2019. But now, its promotion page has been online to give you a quick look at the great discounts.

In the Blitzwolf Chinese New Year Promotion, the brand premiere will be available, where you can find new arrivals at a discounted price. Besides, it will offer you great discounts in the form of “Three for Two” and “Coupon Deals”.More than that, these big discounts will happen to some hot-sale products and new products, letting you grab them with just several dollars. Why can’t you join it?

 Blitzwolf Chinese New Year Promotion

“Three for Two” will go in the new products and hot sellers, which means that you can buy three products by just paying for two ones. In the“Coupon Deals”, 20% off coupons will be opened for everyone. So, all of you can buy power banks, quick chargers and other hot-sell products from Bliztwolf with this great coupon,

Blitzwolf Chinese New Year Promotion

If any products that you desire for or something you are interested in, it will be a good opportunity for you to grab them into your pocket. BlitzWolf is aimed to simplify your life. We say “It was simple, it was safe, it was a bargain, it was BlitzWolf”. It is what BlitzWolf Chinese New Year Promotion is doing and this time it further expresses this idea with further action.


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