BlitzWolf BW-FYE1: The True Bluetooth Headphone On A Budget

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When BlitzWolf released BW-FYE1 Bluetooth headphones into the market, they certainly did not expect that this classy accessory would be trending all across the globe so fast. I’ve tried them myself and can therefore authoritatively say that the Bluetooth headphone is just impressive. That’s why I saw it necessary to tailor this review, mainly focusing on the features, pros and cons.

bluetooth headphone

Features and Unboxing

The packaging of the headphone consists of minimal packing stuff, which will, of course, save you more time when unboxing. Because of its minimalist architecture, you just have to open the box, after which you will find two major items inside- a USB cable that you’ll use for charging, and then some earpiece adapters of different sizes. The second box contains the Bluetooth headphones.

bluetooth headphone

The headphone container has a mini Charging slot at the other end, which also comes with a LED indicator that displays the extent of the device’s charge and also which gives you an idea on its state as well. On opening the case, the headphones automatically activate and connects to any Bluetooth enabled device. Try to connect to Bluetooth by yourself if this is the first time you’re opening the case.

Being very light, the Bluetooth headphone fits comfortably in the ears, with the rubber earbuds helping to maintain them in place. Even if you proceed to a workout after wearing the headphones, they won’t fall off nor budge, not even under extreme shaking.

bluetooth headphone

The inbuilt microphone comes with one button each on both sides. These two amazing features enable you to play and pause music, and also pick phone calls as well.

The other thing that every user will appreciate is the voice messages that the device comes in tow with. This inbuilt feature tells you when the headphones connect, when there’s an incoming call, when they power on, etc.

bluetooth headphone


-Hi-Fi Stereo sound

-It  can make bilateral calls

-It’s waterproof

-Comfort is a guarantee

-High transmission speed

-Automatic pairing to synched devices

-High capacity charging equipment that can charge both buds 4 times

-Longer working duration as compared to predecessors

-Lightweight and durable

-Elegant design

bluetooth headphone


-The earbuds could have been made better

-They look somehow cheap

-They lack strong or deep bass that music lovers wish for

Final Verdict

On comparing the sides, we find that BlitzWolf BW-FYE1 has many advantages than disadvantages. So, I’d certainly recommend this amazing and classy device for music junkies as it’s waterproof and does not lose its position even if you attend a gym session. At only US$ 39.99, it’s absolutely the best device among Bluetooth headphones that will give you the most elusive user experience and comfort at the same time. Get yours at any market or

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