ShangLing M0 Lossless MP3 Player Review


Sometimes all we wish for an MP3 player is something small, smart looking and easy to use audio phone products. Worry no more for we got a product from ShangLing. The number one producer of MP3 players. ShangLing M0 Lossless MP3 Player is currently one of their best product. It is an improvement of the previous not only on the look in addition to a touchscreen feature.

ShangLing M0 Lossless MP3 Player

Its extremely small size and light weight make it easily portable. The additional touch screen feature makes it easy to use. On the right-hand side top is a volume knob wheel. Currently, wheels are despised due to their short lifespan. That has not to worry you when using ShangLing due to its touchscreen feature. Bluetooth feature adds more test to M0 lossless MP3 player. It can be connected even with your phone for streaming. The most amazing feature is the USB DAC  which can be connected to your computer.

ShangLing M0 Lossless MP3 Player

You deserve a quality product for your hard earned money. The quality of ShangLing MO is a number one product is I could recommend. Its new design of 1.54-inch touchscreen with more than enough color range for an MP3 player display. The aluminium makes it more durable because of its resistance to scratch. They come with different chassis colors blue one being best for me. Curved glass on sides makes it smooth and beautiful.

M0 Lossless MP3 Player

MO Lossless MP3 player is loaded with a well compatible software which guarantees smooth experience despite small screen size. It is version 2.1 an update of previous 2.0. The version 2.0 has a smooth running of the device in UI animation and overall navigation. Version 2.1, on the other hand, solved some bugging problems after  2.0.

M0 Hi-Res Music Player

M0 Lossless MP3 player comes with long life spanned battery which is efficient and reliable. The battery has a standby duration of more than a week for a less frequent user. Channel balance, gain setting, maximum and default volume setting, gapless playback makes it easy to use and access. You can skip between folders and also shuffle up your content. Its clean and linear sound makes it have a good bass quality.

M0 Hi-Res Music Player

With all the features it comes with, it is a great product to its price. It has very good user-friendly features and easy to use. You require a great product for your money, and so is M0 Lossless. Its small size and great feature make it top the list among all other players. For athletes and gym lovers, M0 Lossless MP3 is a great product for you because inconveniences caused by weight and size is no more. You have also not to worry about battery draining. Next time you think of shopping a portable and light audio device ShangLing M0 Lossless MP3 player should be your number one choice. For more information about it, please check here.

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