All You Need to Know About the Glorious Dico VR glasses

VR Glasses

Since the introduction of Virtual reality, gaming enthusiasts and movie buffs have been able to get the best experience of their lives. They now get to be part of the game and not just play it. Thanks to Technology, Virtual reality has taken another course that is more exciting. Instead of going to the VR arcades to enjoy your favorite games and movies, you can now do it in the comfort of your home with your smartphone. All this has been made possible by the introduction of VR glasses. VR glasses are special types of headsets that are designed to fit your phone and magnify your games and videos through HD lenses giving you a bigger and better view just like that of the VR arcade. This article will take you through one of the best VR glasses in the market, Dico VR glasses.

VR glasses

Features of Dico VR glasses

Whether you are looking for VR glasses for your gaming needs or just watching movies, then Dico VR glasses will do the job just right. The headsets have some remarkable features that will make sure you have a nice time during your sessions. They are known to be incredible headsets with great functionalities that never disappoint. They are also well made to make sure that they last longer while still offering you the best services. Some of the significant features include.

VR glasses

They support many mobile devices: Dico VR glasses are compatible with smartphones that have Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. They can also be used with smartphones whose screen sizes are between 4.5inches to 6inches to give a great view.

VR glasses

Come in different colours: the VR headsets offer their fans a wide range of colors to pick from. These include blue, yellow, pink and white among others. It is to break the monotony of having to stick with one color.

VR glasses

Lens design: Dico has one of the best aspheric optical lens designs that will ensure you get HD quality pictures with a total of the 12degrees field of view. This lens design will maximize your gaming and watching experience in the best way possible.


Dico VR glasses are so good for anyone who has a thing for Virtual reality. They have been uniquely created to make sure that you enjoy every single bit of your gaming moment. One no longer has to get the VR gaming experience only in the VR arcade where you are limited by both time and money. With Dico VR glasses, you will experience limitless watching and gaming moments. All one needs is a smartphone with a screen size of 4.5 inches to 6 inches, and Dico VR glasses will work the magic. For more details about the product, please check here.

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