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Immersive entertainment is becoming a common thing as more people seek to leave the physical world and immerse themselves in an exciting illusional world. 3D films, videos and computer games are all much better when played through virtual reality in comparison to viewing them on the phone or TV screen. This other-world experience is attained through the use of simple devices that are mounted on the head. These VR glasses come with powerful lenses and a stereo system and effectively give the user the feeling of being in the action on display, virtually transporting them to another world.

The VR shinecon 6.0 360 Degree Stereo 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Box Headset is compatible with all smartphones of sizes between 4.7-6.o inches. This includes Android, iOS and Window smartphones. The VR glasses are held in a headset that has a padding covered with leather. This soft material reduces pressure around the eyes, making it comfortable to wear. It is also very lightweight weighing only about a pound. This makes the VR glasses suitable to wear around the head without strain, fatigue or dizziness.
The headset has a 100 wide angle and can be adjusted to fit different head sizes making sure there is no pressure on the bridge of the nose and ensuring a snug fit. The cover at the front of the VR glasses can be removed to reveal the phone holder. The phone holder has arms that are spring loaded and spread to grip the phone.
The 360-dimensional space of these VR glasses gives an all-around interactive vision, sense of touch and hearing. Great sound insulation produces 3D stereo sound with strong bass that clearly indicates where the sound is coming from. This combination gives the user the complete virtual reality experience, successfully transporting him from his physical world to the world in the display. The sounds are real, and one can easily picture themselves in the scene playing out before their eyes.
VR-ShineconTo improve the viewing experience, there are knobs that enable the user to control the focal adjustments of the VR glasses. The single knob located at the top center of the headset is used for pupil adjustment since the distance between people’s eyes varies. Rotating it will change the distance of the VR glasses’ lenses, lining up the image with the eyes. This improves greatly on the overall experience. Two knobs on the sides are used for object adjustment. These are used to adjust the distance between the phone’s screen and the eyes. This ensures better screen focusing, improving the giant screen experience. The lens on these VR glasses is also adjustable within 600, which comes in handy for short-sighted users.
These VR glasses are a great way to enjoy videos, 3D movies, and games anywhere while giving you an other-worldly experience even as you remain in your living room.
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