Amazing Featurs Of The BlitzWolf® BW-VR3 3D VR Glasses


Virtual Reality glasses are the “it” now. If you do not have one, get one for yourself. These glasses are designed to give you an interactive experience in a simulated environment. What this means is that you get to experience either the movie you are watching or the game you are playing in a way you have never experienced before. One of the best VR glasses you can get your hands on is the BlitzWolf® BW-VR3 3D glasses.
blitz wolf vr glasses
Why chose the BlitzWolf® BW-VR3 3D 

In addition to looking cool, the BlitzWolf VR glasses is very convenient. This is one of the glasses that are compatible with devices with a screen dimension of 6 inches. You will only have to adjust the rubber pads that are located in the phone clamp to the size of your phone. No matter the size of the phone, the image quality will still be very much great. Not only that, it is compatible with both the Android operating system and the IOS. It gives you the freedom to chose which device you want by not giving restrictions on the type of operating system you require. Not only that, but you can also use it with any phone that is compatible with VR applications regardless of the operating system.

it has an improved lens. Vr glasses are judged by their ability to give high-quality pictures. This particular VR glass has 42MM Aspherical lenses. The lenses boast of an 8-layer nano coating. You are therefore guaranteed clear images of high quality owing to the fact that the lenses have been polished 5 times. Not only that, these VR glasses are very comfortable with a perforated leather that is soft fitted around where the eyes rest and also fitted on the headband.

Vr glasses need to cater to all persons including those with eye problems. No matter how far your eye focus range is, the BlitzWolf VR glasses comes with the ability to adjust the pupil and focal distance. What is even impressive about this particular type of VR glasses is that you can actually use them without having to wear glasses if your eye focus is less than 500 degrees.
blitz wolf vr glasses
When it comes to maintenance, VR glasses are very fragile and can easily succumb to heat-related mechanical failures. This is not the case with the BlitzWolf VR glasses. Its design was well thought out. The front cover is attached using a magnet meaning it is easy to dismount to allow ventilation so your device is always cool. It’s also very easy to use your headphones for better sound with this device due to the fact that the open sides are easily accessible.

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