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The human body can perform a million tasks within a flash of a second and it’s most of these activities which determine our body health and fitness. With almost everyone trying to achieve the perfect body shape and health, the cost is quite immense if it happens that you fail to have a reliable fitness tracker on your wrist.

Keeping track of your fitness exercises have gone a notch higher with the emergence of the Xiaomi Mi Bands. The xiaomi mi band 2 and it’s upgraded successor, the xiaomi mi band 3 are the perfect fitness trackers every athlete and anybody in dire need of keeping a healthy body ought to spot-on. With a 0.42 inch OLED display screen, the mi bands can display all the exercise duration, sleep duration, heart rates, and mileage in real-time and in high resolution of 128×80 pixels. Spanning 235 mm in length the wristbands are compatible with Android phones operating on an Android version of 4.4 and above as well as a Bluetooth 4.0 support.
The devices mostly use sensors in achieving their core functions. Military-grade ADI accelerometer sensors are used in the counting of steps made while walking, jogging or running and are displayed in the band’s screen. With the walking exercises most likely to cause sweating, the devices are made to be IP 67 grade waterproof to levels of 50 meters allowing you to even swim and shower with the devices still on your wrist. Actigraphy and proximity sensors have been used in tracking of sleep hours but these require you to have the device strapped on the hand all night long, Amazingly, the device will accurately record the exact time you fell asleep, the duration you were deep asleep as well as the light sleep durations.
With the aid of optical heart rate sensors, the device monitors the pulse rate in times of intense activities and warns you when the pulse gets too high/low. Research has indicated that the normal pulse rate for a healthy fit person should be 40 beats/minute while the highest your heart should beat is 220 beats/minute.Xiaomi-Mi-Band-3
The Xiaomi mi band 3 has an upgraded pedometer increasing the accuracy of step-counting and it also allows for smart unlock features in your Mi phone without necessarily inputting passwords and fingerprints. With all these features, the device has helped more than a million people in keeping a desired healthy body. For the heart-related patients, who need to constantly keep in check with their heartbeat rates, the device has proven to be accurately and widely reliable. The lives the device has saved and sustained makes the xiaomi mi band a “device of joy and hope.” The more you think of achieving a perfectly healthy body, you won’t be alone since the Xiaomi mi band will love to be a partner in your healthy quest.
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