Mi Band 2 – Your Sleek and Affordable Fitness Companion

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mi band 2With a significant rise in the number of fitness conscious people over the last decade, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds to support the needs of this niche market. The advent of wearable gadgets such as smart bands has ensured consistent and easy monitoring of your regular workouts, sleep, heart rate, and more, helping you smoothly achieve your desired fitness goals. No more guesswork around how many steps you walked, the hours you slept, and how long you have been active. The smart bands perform these tasks easily and effectively for you. Packed with exciting features is the aesthetically pleasing smart band from Xiaomi, the Mi band 2, which nudges the fitness enthusiast in you.
The Mi band 2 is a logical upgrade from the company’s previously released Mi band and offers distinguishable new features compared to the previous version. The OLED display of Mi band 2 makes readability better than that of Mi band 1. It also boasts of a touch button that allows you to navigate easily through the improved features. The only flip side of the Mi band 2 is that its battery lasts for about 20 days, versus 30 days for Mi band 1. However, the Mi band 2 stands out due to its improved pedometer algorithm, eliminating the recording of unnecessary movements, and displaying only the correct number of steps walked.
Features and Benefits of Mi band 2
Display and Design: Xiaomi’s smart band fits snugly on your wrist with its sleek built. The display is based on OLED technology and is easy to read and navigate irrespective of the sharpness of the ambient light.
Steps and Heart Rate: This device can accurately measure and monitor your step count and your heart rate, and upload the data onto the cloud for you to view later on the Mi Fit smartphone app. Enjoy your walk and run freely, and analyze your feat later.
mi band 2
Idle Time and Sleep: Your smart band is smart enough to know how long you have been sitting idle. You may wear it while at work, and the device will notify you through alerts when it is time to get up from your desk and take a brief walk. Further, analyze your sleep patterns through its heart rate monitor precisely and effectively.
Instant Unlock: Sync your Mi band 2 with your smartphone to experience hassle-free unlocking of the device. The smart band unlocks instantly when your smartphone is nearby.
Call and Message Alerts: Are you out on one of your runs but have a client waiting for a meeting? There is no need to stop your fitness program to receive the call. Your Mi band 2 sends you alerts whenever your phone rings, even if the phone is inside one of your pockets.
IP67 Splash Resistant: The Mi band 2 is perfect if you decide to run on a rainy morning. Its splash and corrosion resistant properties give you that peace of mind in all weather conditions.
Connectivity and Battery: Xiaomi’s power efficient smart band lasts 20 days on full charge, and supports low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, thus further conserving energy.
Go For It!
The Mi band 2 should be your choice if you have been scouting around for an affordable but efficient smart band, owing to its simplicity, ease of use, and foolproof algorithms.
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