Using Xiaomi Mi Band To Get The Perfectly Health Body Shape

Dollars can now be easily counted with a banknote counter but trust me that even with a William James Sidis’s IQ of 300 you can’t count all steps in kilometer run and at the same time scan your heart rate. With athletes, fitness trainers and even patients in dire need to record their progress as they do their daily runs, they need a statistical companion to help them in recording their activities. These have been made possible by the xiaomi mi band which was developed by the Xiaomi corporation which invests immensely in the production of smartphones, mobile apps, laptops and other consumer-related electronics. The Xiaomi company has a USD 46 Billion value making it the 4th most valuable start-up technology company in the world and racks up a revenue of USD 18 Billion as reported in 2017.
Xiaomi mi band which operates by use of sensors performs the basic functions of step counting, sleep tracking and even heart-rate scanning. These have led to is immense use in the enhancing and maintenance of a perfectly healthy body shape. Are you just there and wondering how will I ever cut my weight and gain the perfect body? well, these will help you achieve your desire. All you need is a xiaomi mi band 3 and connect it to your smartphone-the instructions on how to set it up are easily illustrated on it’s manual. After setting it up and syncing it up-to-date with your phone its time to hit the road and sweat your body wet.
The accelerometer sensors on the xiaomi mi band 3 detect your movement as you make a stride and a program converts the activities force into metabolic equivalents and thus coding the number of steps you make and the pace at which you are at. Knowing that research states that 500 calories can be burned by a 30-minute jog hence helping you lose a pound this fitness tracker will help you on how to improve and cut more weight. The most important thing is just don’t quit and ensure that you also don’t feed on more calories as well that would be chewing more than you can swallow or should I say burn?
The xiaomi mi band’s feature of sleep tracking uses the actigraphy and proximity sensors which helps you in maintaining your desired body fitness. Ensure that your band is worn since these are the only way sleep tracking will work and then record your sleep time. Adjust yourself to the normal sleep time which is recommended to be 8-10 hours a night and there is just enough for your body in the synthesis of proteins and the release of human growth hormones keeping your body fit. Studies have shown that enough sleep restores the activeness of brain cells and their functions in the preparation of intense and tough training.
The optical heart rate sensor in the xiaomi mi band helps in the determining of your body’s heart rate. For the healthy fit athletes, their normal resting body heart-rate is supposed to be around 40 beats/minute and thus yours should probably lie slightly around that. Although its evident that while exercising the heart-rate tends to be relatively higher, the maximum your heart should beat must be 220 beats/minute less your age.
The xiaomi mi band should be you all day companion if you are thinking of achieving a healthy and fit body.
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