Why a good quality cable is so important


Cables usage in our households and places of work is extensive. Cables serve various purposes, but a common denominator is they are used to connect electronic gadgets. So you can imagine what a faulty or poor quality cable can do to devices or the user. They compromise the quality of reception, safety for the user and the connected devices. Examples of cables are; type c cable, HDMI cables, XLR cables, USB cables, etc. Let me share with you a real-time experience that happens to me a few months ago.


One evening I realized that my audio cable was not giving me the usual good sound as it usually does. So I went to check and realized it had been chewed up by maybe a rat because they had infested my neighborhood. I left the house to go and get another one. I did not have any specifications, so I just took the one they gave me. On coming back I plugged it in, what followed was a nightmare, an ordeal than nothing I have ever experienced before. I was electrocuted and became unconscious, my stereo set and TV went down on flames, and the losses that I began counting were huge. Since then I learned the value of using trustworthy, good quality cables from a trusted manufacturing brand like Blitzwolf, which is a renowned company and whose products are highly reliable and fit for use.

type c cable

Benefits of good quality cables

When you purchase and use good quality cables like those from Blitzwolf you have guaranteed security for yourself and your electronic gadgets, excellent and very high-quality performance and assured reliability. A good example is their type c cable also known as USB-C. This 24-pin USB connector system Blitzwolf type c cable is unrivaled by none in the market. It is differentiated from others by a two-fold rotational-symmetrical connector. And it is very reliable.


type c cable

Quality cables improve user and connecting experiences through ensuring the following:


Cables handling in most cases is careless or disorganized where you see people stuff them in bags or casings and at times they are not adequately wrapped. In the case of public events or use, they are stepped on a lot. But with a good quality cable, you can rest assured that they will last a lifetime.


Good designed and quality cables are easy to roll and flexible even in coiled up, twisted and tangled state. One spends less time when straightening the cables and readying them for use.

 micro usb cable

Components of a good quality cable

Exterior Jacket: This component holds together everything and protects and insulates the cable from external elements. The material making it must be quality. Tougher and thicker outer jacket ensures long life and adequate protection.

Dielectric: This cable component maintains a distinguishable distance between the copper shield and the conductor. It is an insulating sleeve made of plastic or form.

A fortified Shield: The shield protects the center core of a cable from any form of electromagnetic interference. It is made of a copper sleeve. The guard used on cables should be of high quality and density for ensured cable, e.g., in Siamese cables. An adequately shielded cable provides elimination of extraneous noise from interference caused by other surrounding electronics and ensures a quite signal.

Center Conductor: This component is a solid copper wire. It relays signals between electronic gadgets connected. It is the epicenter of a cable, very important.


Now you know, the next time you intend to buy cables, buy those of good quality from a brand you can trust.

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