Power Bank might be a necessity in this century

Power Bank

Let’s be practical here. Can you go an entire day without your phone? If you’re being very honest, I think the answer is a resounding no. Mobile technology is not a new phenomenon in today’s world. It was not very portable back in the day, but through thorough technological advances, we now have the power of the mobile phone squarely in our hands. Their portability makes it efficient to send emails, make calls and take pictures while on the move. The power source (battery) is also portable unlike in the olden days. But what exactly happens when your phone battery dies in the middle of sending that email or taking that selfie? These are very embarrassing situations, but fortunately for avid mobile phone users, portable power banks are now in existence to salvage us from such humiliating occurrences.

power bank

What is a power bank?

A power bank is a portable device that stores power in its inbuilt batteries and is used to charge mobile phones through a USB cable. They are very convenient because they save you the hassle of looking around in restaurants and shops for a place to connect your charger. You also don’t need to sit around in your house waiting for your phone to charge. As long as your power bank is loaded, you are good to go.

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If you are looking to enjoy such conveniences, it is important to select, not just any power bank, but one that is efficient and durable. Here are a few things to look out for;


A small power bank is great for portability. However, the size affects the capacity of this device. For someone who doesn’t have much use for it, a small one will do. Heavy users should consider the larger power banks because they store more power and will be convenient for them.


Batter longevity and quality

Absolutely no one will sell you a power bank and tell you that the battery is of poor quality. So before you buy a power bank, make inquiries about what battery it uses and look it up on the internet or ask around. Generic cells tend to lose power fast and will not do much for you in your time of need. Go for good quality batteries to enjoy longer battery life.

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User interface

You will need to always be aware of the power available in your power bank. A power bank should have a user interface which is mostly LED that changes color to indicate different battery levels. If your power bank doesn’t have one, it is probably a fake, and you need to consider getting a new one.



Counterfeit power banks are a severe risk to your safety especially because they pose the danger of electrocution. Don’t just buy them anywhere. The best power banks are mostly sold at reputable mobile phone shops or some online stores.


Get a power bank that is efficient, long lasting and easy to use, like the Xiaomi power bank. It is excellent for everyday use and has a guaranteed extended lifespan.

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