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Most people usually use chargers that have a cord to charge their electronics. However, with advancement in technology, wireless chargers have started to become common in the market. the blitzwolf power bank is one of the latest power banks that can charge your phone in a wireless manner. It comes with a powerful blitzwolf wireless charger which is efficient and easy to use. Let’s take a closer look at the unique features that it can offer you.

blitzwolf wireless charger


Fast charging

The blitzwolf wireless charger has been designed to charge your phone as fast as possible without damaging your phone’s battery. It produces a smaller amount of heat when charging as compared to other conventional models in the market. Less heating makes it charge faster and it also doesn’t waste a lot of energy.


Led lights

This device has inbuilt LED lights. These lights are useful since they can let you know the state of the power bank or your smartphone. When the LED lights turn blue, they indicate that your phone is charging. But when the lights turn red, it means that your smartphone is not charging or there is something wrong with your device. However, if you notice that the lights are off, don’t be shocked. It simply means that your device is fully charged. Another importance of the LEDs is their ability to indicate if the power bank is full or it needs charging.

blitzwolf wireless charger

Slim design

Everyone wants a gadget that can easily fit in a pocket. The blitzwolf power bank has a slim design that makes it highly portable. This device occupies less space hence it easily fit in a briefcase or a small bags and also leave a lot of room for your personal belongings.



The gadget is suitable for outdoor activities since it is lightweight in nature. You can use it in your camping activities or picnics in remote areas that don’t have electricity. The casing is made of plastic which is both strong, lightweight and waterproof.

blitzwolf wireless charger

Lithium-ion battery

The power bank has a lithium-ion battery which is powerful. Lithium-ion battery also has a longer lifespan and this ensures that you will be able to use it for a longer period of time.


It is compatible With Different Smartphones models

The blitzwolf wireless charger is highly versatile since you can use it to charge various types of smartphones. It works well with models such as Samsung, Sony, Nokia, LG, Apple and other brands. If you possess an android phone, a windows phone, iPhone or other models, don’t worry since this gadget has been built to work efficiently. In addition, it has various charging modes such as quick boost and other safety features that protect your phone.

blitzwolf wireless charger

Device protection

Unlike other devices, this gadget was built with safety in mind. It can detect overheating and the battery status of your phone. This means that you can charge your smartphone without worrying about overcharging or undercharging. This protects the battery of your phone from severe damage.



The blitzwolf power bank is one of the best in the world. Its small size and ability to charge wirelessly makes it one of the modern gadgets in online stores. This power bank is great for those who like charging their smartphones on the way hence it is suitable for long trips. Get one today and enjoy its unique features.

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