Why a good USB cable is so important


Technology has advanced so much lately that now you can fill up your phone battery while taking a coffee, just in a matter of minutes. That’s how far smartphone manufacturers has gone to ensure a faster charging system that will increase its user’s experience. Electronics gadgets, including smartphones, have this features as part of their selling point, and even mid-range devices have started to debut with this feature recently, so you don’t have to spend more to get the fast charge.


However, having a power adapter (charger) that supports fast charge depends on a good USB cable deliver an optimal performance. And apart from charging your phone fast, there are other world-class benefits you get by going for the best USB in town. A good USB helps ensure the safety of your gadgets, keeping it from over-charging, while also providing efficient and smooth charging.

micro usb cable

Features of a good micro usb cable

Big wire size: (those black, red, green and white) embedded inside a USB cable. The bigger the wires, the larger the amount of current that can pass through it and faster your phone charge.

Durability: A good USB cable should be able to resist breaking caused due to bend.

Length: This might be a cheeky one but it matters, always go for a lengthy USB to allow more space placing on a desk while in charge.

micro usb cable

When you talk of the good USB cable, Blitz wolf is a popular brand with their cable capable of allowing sturdy 2.4amp speed to fast charge your device. Their products each goes through 10,000+ bent during swing test and have always passed the test without breaking. Ever wanted to buy a good USB cable, then head now to their website “blitzwolf.com” and get up to 10% discount when you purchase any of their product. Blitzwolf offers a wide variety of quality cables that supports 5V, 9V, 12V fast charging and can reach up to 2.4A current. It is compatible with most smartphone chipset manufacturer fast charger like Qualcomm and MTK. So, irrespective of your brand, there is always a cable that will meet all your requirements from Blitzwolf. Another selling point of their USB cables is the high data synchronization. A good USB cable offers up to 480Mbps and also support charging while data sync, compatible with the most digital device.


Apart from all the qualities they offer, their users also get 18 months warranty on all their products, their packaging is also a top one and will never compromise the quality of each piece.




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