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“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of Idiots.”(Einstein)


Nowadays, the Internet is so much widely spread that, anyone can access it from anywhere with great bandwidth speed. People download Movies, Games and watch their favorite YouTubers vlogs and even do video calling with their loved-ones. But is your Phone capable enough to keep you entertained whole day with this stuff? Probably, NO!

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Most of the mobile phones, nowadays are camera-centric and screen quality focused, So, might be your phone is always on charging when you’re at home but, what if you travel? Imagine, you travel a whole day and want to catch memories with your friends or capture a good scenario and the worst embarrassment happens – your phone dies “LOL.” So then, you will have to buy a phone with long battery back-up but most of the phones with large battery backups are not too good in other functions.


Well, You might have thought to get yourself a power bank but which one will be best for your needs? Is that even a question! Most of the power banks look same and you might think that there is nothing special with those devices. But, there are certain features in a power bank which will make you’re life easy.

power bank

Power banks come at all the prices depending on their size, capacity, charging speed and connectivity. A good power bank has a blend of these features and comes with a sweet deal.

If you are a traveler then you should go for a higher mAh power bank like “Anker Powercore 10000″(Amazon) which comes for $30, it is compact enough to hide in your pocket and powerful enough to feed your phone, tablet or any Bluetooth headsets or speakers. If you’re on the other side who doesn’t travel and spend his/her life inside the cellphone then, go for “Anker Powercore+ mini”(Amazon) which is a 3350 mAh power bank. The exciting thing about this power bank is it looks like a lipstick that’s right, be careful though, might your girlfriend put it on her lips by mistakenly and you’re the one to be blamed art because it’s your device.

power bank

Power bank has different speed and connectivity numbers. Like, some power bank may offer you connectivity of 4 devices or more but have a slow speed which can take almost a century to charge you’re devices or an idiotic company offering you a fast charging power bank with connectivity just one device. Well, That’s not fair on the consumer side. For, those requirements We’ll recommend “EC technology 22400mAh power bank”(Amazon) it comes for $33 and ha 3-USB ports and 22400 mAh capacity.


If you want to buy these products which We have tested, You can visit “Amazon.com” which is a trusted worldwide online-store.

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