Getting good iPhone cases for your iPhone X or iPhone 8 – part 1

Cases & Skins

Having a case for your phone or choosing to go without one is one of those arguments that will probably last as long as smartphones stay in existence. Your decision will most probably be based on personal preference, something that you can only realize after you have used your phone with and without a case. The new iPhone X is a good-looking phone that is both fragile and very expensive. Placing these two factors in mind, this is not a phone that you would like to “live dangerously” with.


Since the iPhone X went on sale, there have been myriads of reports of users ruining them after dropping them on a hard surface. This is clearly not a phone that was designed to be dropped. For those who are still deliberating on whether or not they should get a good quality case for their new iPhone X, here are some reasons why they should.

iphone 8 cases

Why we need a iPhone case?


After a series of third-party tests, testers found that despite Apple’s claims that this was the most durable smartphone in the market, significant shattering was noticed on the glass after a front and side drop.

iphone 8 cases

Cost of repair

The cost of repairing the phone after it has been damaged is astronomical. Cost can run as high as $500 for screen repairs or technical issues. Except for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 is not cheap at all either, so the iphone 8 cases are something the users can not ignore. No one wants to spend lots of time and money waiting for repairing, we need our phone basically every minute.

iphone 8 cases

Getting a better grip

The iPhone X has an all-glass design that can be a bit difficult to grip especially in wet conditions.

iphone 8 cases

Resale value

If you are planning to sell your phone after a few months then you probably want to keep it in mint condition. Your phone will fetch a much higher value if it looks new even after months of use.

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