The Original Xiaomi mi Band 2- The Smartest Wearable Fitness Tracker(part 2)

Smart Bracelet


No matter what features that you would desire from a sports band, I guess you will find them all in this not expensive and user-friendly xiaomi band. Honestly, there are so many sports bands on the market now and sometimes it’s hard to find the highest cost effective one in the same price level. After some comparison, you can simply draw the conclusion that the xiaomi mi 2 band is the best choice, and here are more detailed information for you.

xiaomi mi band 2

Modern design

Compared to the other mi bands, the xiaomi mi band 2 looks a lot cooler and fancy. When you buy the mi band 2, you will find two things in the box- the tracker device and the wearable strap. You will have to assemble these two things before you start using it. Every time you want to charge this smartwatch, you will have to separate the two parts and then charge the main module using the USB cable.

xiaomi mi band 2

Considerate care for every details

The xiaomi clothes mi band strap is made up of silicone and it has an anti-sweat material, which is what differentiates it from the other Xiaomi mi bands. What’s more considerate, the xiaomi clothes straps are changeable and have many different colors and patterns to choose, so you can design your own xiaomi mi-2 like a fashion piece that fit your type. If you are looking for a protective case for your xiaomi mi band, consider getting the silicone protective case which has a magnetic clothes clip. The silicone case prevents the band from getting any scratches, dust, and dents. The magnetic clip lets you clip your mi band to any part of your clothes, like your collar, your sleeve, etc.

xiaomi mi band 2

Advanced high-tech

Using the xiaomi mi band 2, you can now command your phone to unlock every time the fitness tracker is near your phone. For using this feature, you will have to install the Mi-Fit companion app that Xiaomi offers for all android and iOS devices.This smart fitness band is compatible with all android devices with 4.4 version and above and also compatible with all iPhone models with iOS 7.0 and above. Once you install the application on your smartphone, you can get all notification for incoming text messages and calls without having to manually unlock your phone!


In short, the xiaomi watch 2 sports band can do anything from setting personal fitness goals to tracking your sleeping activity. Hence, it is worth every buck and this amazing wearable device might just turn out to be your best fitness companion.


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