Mobile Phone Accessories You Need While Having A Road Trip(part 2)

Charger, Power Bank, Stand & Holders


It’s easy to understand that your mobile phone will not just a entertainment toy but also a very useful tool when traveling since it will help you in searching for information and navigation and so on. In this situation, you will be so panic if your phone is out of power but you are still on your way to the next station. The car charger might not the only option, just keep figuring out.

phone holder

Bakeey 2-in-1 Multifunctional-Phone Stand Car Air-Vent Holder

One thing the users like about this phone holder is its modern aesthetics design that is quite a marvel to the eyes. It is also simple and lightweight and therefore makes it possible to seamlessly use the device as you handle other activities within the car.

phone holder

Designed in a 360 degrees rotation, the phone holder enables you to watch your videos and capture any images within the car at any angle. You need not manually handle it to tilt it into different positions as the 360-degrees rotation design makes that readily possible. Also, the phone holder is shockproof so your viewing will not be interrupted even in impact situations. Lastly, you may love this device for its adjustable size that makes it possible to hold phones of different sizes.

phone holder

8000mAh Solar-Power Bank Dual U.S.B Battery-Charger Set For Mobile-Phone

This solar power bank is just your ideal power bank for a road trip as it has a high conversion rate of about 88% so it doesn’t need extended exposure to sunlight. Another great thing about it is that it is compatible with various digital devices and uses high-quality lithium-ion batteries that are not only safe for the environment but also ensures maximum charge and high energy retention. Some of the digital devices and platforms that the power bank is compatible with include PDA, game consoles, PSP, MP3 and MP4 and even digital cameras. Its low power consumption feature makes it save energy for maximum output.

phone holder

So if you keep playing your iPad games and having chat through your cellphone all the times consuming power in a very fast way, you will need this solar power bank so that you don’t need to waste the electricity from your car by the xiaomi roidmi.



Before you venture on a road trip, remember that your safety is paramount so, at all cost, you should ensure you have a mobile phone that is active and accessible. Also, in order to kill boredom and make your journey less rigid, there should be a great sound system. The four accessories highlighted above are just some that would go a long way in making your road trip worthwhile.


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