Is There really Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 7?

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3D squishy case

In Sept.27th, the volume fourth BD&DVD of Natsume’s Book of Friends is released officially, which may be the good news for its followers who can’t wait to grasp it into their pocket. Although Natsume’s Book of Friends season 6 has just ended for a while in July 2017, followers of this anime have been looking forward to the coming of Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 7. However, whether there will be the season 7 is unknown, not to mention the premiere time of it.

3D squishy case

For a crazy follower of this anime, it may be the horrible thing to wait without knowing the exact time. What else interesting does the adorable Nyanko-sensei make ? How does it help Natsume? And how does Natsume deal with ayakashi? A series of questions come to your mind but no answer is available for you, which may make them feel unbearable.


Luckily, the phone case manufacturer Bakeey have released its latest product- 3D Squishy Case whose design inspiration is from Nyanko-sensei. Right, it is the adorable Nyanko-sensei who is trapped in your phone case to bring companion to you before the coming of the season 7. With these adorable thing, you can kill the time when you are waiting for the season 7.

3D squishy case

3D squishy case is not only the phone case but also a pressure killer for you. The back cover is decorated with the anime character Nyanko-sensei, which looks so adorable. I believe all of you will be attracted by it. Besides, the anime character on this phone case is designed to be squishy so that it can make you feel as if you were touching the real Nyanko-sensei when you are playing your mobile phone. More importantly, the squishy design on the phone case is the most amazing idea to deal with stress because it is well known to all that most of people spend on their mobile phone large amount of their time when they can also reduce their stress by squishing the adorable Nyanko-sensei on their cute iPhone 6s cases.

3D squishy case

The 3D squishy cases provide you with four colors: purple, light blue, black and pink. And it is compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. Whether you are a follower of Natsume’s Book of Friends or not, it is a good idea to own such an adorable phone case which is also the pressure killer.


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Bakeey, as one of the most popular bands of phone accessories, is known for their phone mount holders and cases which bring great convenience and unique experience to users.  With their goal of bringing more and more products to satisfy you, they are trying their best.


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