Wireless Sleep Headset: Give You a Sweet Dream

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Every night we will say “Good Night” to our family or lover. We all hope all of us can have a sweet dream. Without doubts, improving your sleeping environment is obviously significant. Because I cannot stand the strong light, so an eye mask is so essential for me. One day, when I shop on line, a wireless stereo music eye mask attracts my attention at first sight. How dare I can imagine this kind of high-tech product. Out of delight, I bought it at once. After a long-time use, it’s great beyond my imagination.


This product names BK-Q48. It seems just like a normal eye mask in appearance. The producer support consumers with three colors, pink, black and gray. I am a real big fan of cute thing, so I choose the pink one. Its design is so humanized to fit your face. The material used is also soft and elastic.
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Before making full use of its function, I need to make sure I have finished the pairing of Bluetooth eye mask with Bluetooth mobile phone or other Bluetooth device, according to the operation specification under below. And the magic time shows up.
After pressing the ON/OFF button till the LED light blink 5s, it will turn from blue to red. And then I need to match my phone and the device”Sound Sleep”. Aha. The soft music floated gently into my ears. Not like before, the traditional earphone always hurt my ears because of its convex and toughness. Now, I am so happy I have got rid of these trouble and can enjoy music before sleep. Besides, this product can be used to dial and answer the phone as long as make sure that the distance between them is less than 10m. You should pay attention to the wall and other obstacles, which will influence the signal.

As a multi-functional Bluetooth headset, it has already improved my life quality. The best product I have got in my life until now.

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