IPhone 6 / 6S Battery Case: Best Portable Charger

Charger, iPhone 6&6s

Smartphone is now everywhere. It is a means of communication and access to the Internet and e-wallet in your pocket. And there is a common problem to all smart phone companies, including the Apple. It’s about too rapid discharge of the battery. Of course, today, we talk about a surprising solution, an ultrathin magnetic backup battery case, which could be the best portable charger I have ever seen and is designed for iPhone 6 and 6S. You can call it the IPhone 6 Battery Case or IPhone 6S Battery Case.


This portable charger for iPhone 6 / 6S features the exact opposite of the previous model. Firstly, it is distinguished by dimensions. The device is quite dimensional, coming with an ultrathin body and a size of 4.7inch. It weighs at only 115g, but the battery capacity is truly impressive, as many as 3000mAh. This is enough to charge your iPhone before the external battery sits.



  • Color: Rose Gold,Silver,Gold
  • Plug: Lighting
  • Product Weight (kg) : 115g
  • Capacity: 3000mAH
  • Input/Output: DC 5V


This pocket size battery comes with flexible plug, and slim body, decent capacity. I think it would be very convenient and an attractive choice for you especially when you are on the go. And this iPhone 6 battery case can be ordered on Banggood now at a discount of 12%OFF. And the promotion sale is from December 25 to December 31 this year.




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