iLight Smart Speaker Is The Magical LED Bulb As Well


iLight smart speaker, a lamp or a speaker? It doesn’t matter what kind of definition it is, alternatively, people who are interested more should care about what can you do with it or how great can you be benefited from, for me, that’s a lot!


Regardless of playing a role as a bulb or a speaker, one thing we can for sure, it is easy to take a fully advantage of, of course, by shaking! After downloading the App, you can easily change the color it come out, take control the music you play or even remotely switch on/off the light by shaking your smartphone.
iLight smart speaker
4 features

Apart from wireless control, which is one of the biggest feature of iLight speaker, it is also an energy-saving 5W bulb, featuring low radiation and carbon emission, which means you can enjoy the green light in your house.

Better still, you still can set an alarm through the app, or adjust brightness to start a wonderful day. Mind you, don’t forget about switching off the bulb on the bed via app before getting up.
iLight smart speaker
As a light

Exactly as an energy-saving 5W specification, providing user with adjustable brightness and soft light, you can apply iLight speaker to living room, bedroom, bathroom or place where a bulb needed.
iLight smart speaker
As a speaker

It is perfectly compatible with most of Android and iOS7.1 above device via Bluetooth, once connection is built, the music you like will light up the atmosphere as you wish, even changing music rhythm is accessible, behold, remember to set up an alarm to wake you up in the morning.

Taken as a whole, does this intelligent housing make any sense to you?

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